Where Do I Get Medical Gap Cover?

December 15, 2021

Medical gap cover isn’t a medical aid but rather an insurance – cover that complements your medical scheme. It doesn’t do the job of a medical plan. Instead, its helps the member insure against a risk of unknown costs. You may be asking: Where do I get medical gap cover?

The amount of gap cover you need and the costs will differ from policy to policy.  There are quite a few South Africans who buy GAP Cover with a hospital plan because they want additional cover. When you type into your computer the words ‘where does one get medical gap cover from?’ there is no shortage of medical gap cover companies that are presented before you.

Gap cover is the difference between the fee charged by your specialist or the hospital and the amount covered by your particular medical scheme. When you phone one of the many gap cover providers in South Africa, you will find that gap cover takes care of co-payments or deductibles as well as oncology co-payments.

Where Do I Get Medical Gap Cover – Ambledown’s is One Choice

Ambledown is an underwriting agency and one of the places in South Africa that offer gap cover. They are a leading health insurance product provider with more than 150,000 Gap Cover policyholders.

Where Do I Get Medical Gap Cover

Ambledown’s products protect the individual consumer who is a member of a Medical Scheme but who is still at risk for paying bills that the medical aid won’t pay during a stint in the hospital.  They offer a host of gap cover options, from their Gap100 to their GapShield to their GapSeniors as well as others. These plans start at R200 a month and go up to R350 a month.

Where Do I Get Medical Gap Cover – There’s Plenty of Choice

Gap cover can be found with a number of other providers in South Africa as well, of which Discovery, Stratum, Zestlife, Liberty, Complimed and Medway are just some.

Medway is a leading network of South African health care advisors who were established in 1990. They offer a selection of insurance products designed for medical scheme members who require an additional medical cover over and above what their medical scheme provides. Some Medcare Gap Cover facts –

– pays up to 500% of your Scheme rate
– they offer their GapCore, GapEssential, GapXtra and GapPremium
– cover starts from just R300 per month
– you can get gap cover from Medway if you’re under the age of 65 years
– you must belong to a registered South African Medical Aid
– covers your family in respect of in-hospital associated services provided by specialist doctors who charge beyond that which your Medical Scheme rate pays out
– simply complete the online application

Sirago is Yet another Choice to Consider

Sirago Underwriters is another place t look for gap cover. They offer gap- and co-payment cover to members on a registered medical aid schemes. Sirago have been operating since 1993 and are an  Authorised Financial Services Provider. They cover the financial shortfall relating to prescribed minimum benefits, accident related incidents and procedures in the doctors’ rooms. With Sirago, if you opt for the premium gap cover products – their Plus- and Ultimate cover – you enjoy additional benefits such as co-payments and reconstructive surgery. They have tailored their gap cover and co-payments, and the level of cover is in keeping with your monthly contribution. They accept consumers up to the age of 65.

Where Do I Get Medical Gap Cover – There IS Gap Cover to suit YOUR Needs

South Africa has many gap cover providers – different premiums and different benefits and features. Gap cover is something you can’t be without so it requires careful research and the best choice to suit your unique medical care requirements.

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