Gap Cover from Hippo for All Medical Aids

December 19, 2021

The” Gap” has grown over the last couple of years in South Africa, between costs that Medical Aid providers pay for In Hospital claims and the cost of the actual claim. This has resulted in members having to budget for the shortfall. Gap cover’s initial use was to help supplement for medical shortfalls but has become a necessity. Gap cover insurance is available from many insurance companies who offer a wide variety of products to suit a wide range of personal circumstances. You should note that people must be a member of a Medical Aid before you can apply for coverage under a Gap Insurance Policy. See below how gap cover from hippo can benefit you.

Confused – Gap Cover From Hippo

There are so many different offerings from Insurers in this field that it can be frustrating and tiresome to try and narrow down a policy that will suit.

HIPPO is a comparison website

  • Gap Cover from HippoContacts and up to date information on all Gap Insurers.
  • It allows browsing at leisure but will display all the facts and costs which allow an interested person to decide on a gap insurance product that suits.
  • It displays offers from Trusted Brands.
  • Easy to use.
  • Here we list some of the companies we work with below. These Schemes offer Medical Aid but also can direct interested parties to Gap Insurance Cover as well.
  • Fedhealth
  • Bonitas
  • Resolution
  • Oxygen
  • Discovery Health
  • Medshield
  • Genesis


Hippo will display al the small details which are important in making a final decision. They cover sub-limits and tariff gaps co-payments.

Glossary of Gap Insurance Words – Gap cover from hippo

Hippo also includes a useful A to Z of terms and wording covering Gap Insurance which helps the layman to understand this important insurance choice.

Examples of these are:

  • Eligible child – Including biological children, stepchildren as well as legally adopted children of the primary member.
  • Eligible spouse – this is the spouse of the primary member. The spouse must be registered as an adult dependent and not with any other medical scheme. Only one spouse can be declared as eligible.
  • Medical Scheme – all schemes must be registered with the Registrar of Medical Schemes. Members pay a monthly premium, and the scheme provides the member insurance against expenses arising from an injury or illness.


FAQ’s – Hippo has a section which lists the answers to many questions that people may ask or wonder about with regards to GAP Insurance.

What is Gap Insurance? Does it matter how big my family is? Who can apply to join? What are the waiting Periods?

Since Hippo launched in 2007, it has been managed by very experienced web developers and personnel. The information shown on the website is always up to date and informative. Best of all the website is free to use and user-friendly.

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All info was correct at time of publishing