Do this during lockdown – it’s time you did

December 11, 2021

If you have medical aid then you should have gap cover too.

Especially in these times when a dire health emergency threatens us all.

Gap cover – what is it?

Shortfall insurance, also called gap cover, simply insures all the members of any medical plan in South Africa from having to pay horrendously high co-payments.

The necessity for this kind of cover emerged once the hospitals and specialists in South Africa started charging immense amounts – simply because they can!

Medical aids can’t, and won’t, pay the full account, leaving patients (the long-suffering medical aid members, to pick up the co-payments i.e. the shortfall.

People have lost their houses, pensions and savings by not having gap cover.

You don’t want that to happen – ever.

Gap cover is the solution.

Simple steps for getting insured online:

  1. Make sure your medical plan is one from a registered medical aid in South Africa. Here is the complete list of registered medical schemes in South Africa. (You can be on any plan offered by these schemes – even a basic hospital plan.) Note that medical insurance from firms such as Clientele do not count
  2. Next complete and submit the form on this page. We will then get hold of you.
  3. Sign up for your policy. With limited exceptions, gap insurance takes effect immediately.


Gap Cover What is It - Questions and Answers


What else you need to know about gap cover

  • Every person on your medical aid plan gets cover from a single policy
  • Gap cover is offered by specialised short-term insurers and no by medical schemes
  • You can claim against your policy online or by phone – it’s easy
  • The majority of claims relate to exorbitant hospital and specialist bills
  • You can upgrade your policy to include certain conditions specifically, such as cancer


What does it cost?

Here are the 2024 prices from Zestlife, our preferred provider:

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024


If you have any questions, please contact us by using the form on this page. We can help.

Complete and submit the short form on this page to get in touch. ACT NOW!


All info was correct at time of publishing