We reveal how medical aid members can benefit from gap cover

December 11, 2021

Every medical aid member in South Africa can benefit from having a gap cover policy.

Gap insurance makes sure that all the major hospital and specialist costs that you or your family may incur are covered – including that dreaded co-payment portion.

So gap cover is a way to turbocharge your current medical aid plan.

Benefit from gap insurance
How you can benefit from gap cover

Note the following:

  1. You need to be a current and paid-up member of a medical scheme in South Africa to qualify for gap cover. The definition of a medical scheme is: “a medical scheme registered with the Council for Medical Schemes”.
  2. It does not matter what kind of plan you are on in order to qualify for gap cover. You can be a member of an scheme open to the general public e.g. Discovery, Selfmed, Topmed or one of many other “open” schemes. Or you can be a member of a “closed” or “restiricted” scheme (like GEMS or Transmed). And you can have full cover or just a hospital plan. It doesn’t matter – as long as you are a member (with dependents on the plan or not), then you qualify.


The ways in which you benefit from gap cover

There are several benefits. Chief among them are:

  • Immediate cover once you sign up and pay a premium
  • Gap cover is really inexpensive – and it’s a short-term product
  • Easy claims process, done by email and phone
  • The gap cover company pays out your claims in cash
  • Everyone on your medical aid receives cover with just a single policy
  • Companies supplying gap cover are unrelated to the medical schemes themselves so your payout is separate from any medical aid claim


Act now! Start the process of signing up for medical gap cover by adding your details to the contact box on this page. A professional advisor will be in touch to discuss your policy.


All info was correct at time of publishing