Immediate gap cover for your medical aid

December 16, 2021

Yes, you qualify for immediate gap cover, but only if you belong to a medical aid in South Africa already.

Really, it doesn’t matter which medical scheme. So it can be a “closed” medical aid such as Bankmed, GEMS or Polmed, or an “open” scheme like Discovery, Bonitas and also many others.

You qualify for immediate gap cover for your medical aid here on this page. So seize the opportunity now.

Why you need gap cover right away

Importantly, it does not matter what medical plan you are on – it can be comprehensive or merely a hospital plan from a medical aid. Either way, your plan is probably not going to cover all the costs of a hospital stay with specialist attention.

Immediate gap cover for the family
Don’t get tripped up by medical co-payments

And that’s why you need gap cover, otherwise known as shortfall insurance, top up cover or co-payment insurance.

With a few limited exceptions, admittedly, your cover takes effect right away. And all you need to do is get a quote using the contact box on this page. Once we give you a quote, just sign up. It’s so easy.

Is it really immediate?

Obviously if you are already schedule for a hospital op or a specialist appointment then you will have to wait. But other than this and a couple more exlusions, you do get cover immediately.

There are countless benefits to having gap cover. And here are some of them:

  1. Cut those medical aid co-payments. No cash out of your pocket!
  2. Turbocharge your existing medical plan. No upgrade necessary
  3. Gap cover applies to ALL the beneficiaries in your medical plan – the whole family
  4. It’s affordable. The monthly premium amounts to a tiny percentage (something like 5% to 10% of you monthly medical aid premium)
  5. No medical examination is required. All you need to have is current, paid-up medical aid membership
  6. Claims are paid out in cash straight into your bank account. That’s because gap cover providers are unrelated to medical aids. It’s entirely separate.

Significantly, gap cover is the most popular short-term insurance product in South Africa at the moment. And there is a good reason for that. So just think about it!

Then get immediate shortfall cover by using the contact box on this page. We will contact you, give you an accurate quote and sign you up. NOTE: You need medical aid membership to qualify for a gap cover policy.

All info was correct at time of publishing