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    August 11, 2017

    •  Type in the search engine’s search bar – ‘Leading medical gap cover providers of South Africa’
    • Research each one’s premiums and what you get each month as an individual or family
    • Medical Aids such as Discovery also offer gap cover
    • Fill in an online application form or phone the provider
    • Pay your premiums regularly to ensure your cover is always available when you need it

    Be Prepared for the Unexpected – Top of The Range Gap Cover

    Top Of The RangeAccidents and illnesses are often unexpected and we need to be prepared for them. With the spiraling costs of private healthcare as well as those shortfalls in medical aid cover, it’s no wonder that South Africans are looking at gap cover as a vital necessity. Gap cover has come about because medical aid doesn’t pay your bills in full. It can be so frustrating when, as a medical scheme member, you rely on your scheme to pay your bills but they don’t. In 2017 there are strict rules and regulations governing the industry. If you are a scheme member you’ll discover that the schemes network of doctors and hospitals are the best option if you want to avoid co-payments on medical bills. South Africans are turning to medical gap cover or top up medical insurance because it will pay for that shortfall that your medical aid won’t pay. Without gap cover, you would have to pay the amount. Most medical aids are willing to pay up to 300% of this rate, and yet many specialists charge far more than 300% of the medical aid rate.

    A Rich Taking of the Top of The Range Medical Gap Cover Providers

    So where do you find this gap cover which will top up a shortfall on approved procedures and specialists? South Africa luckily has some excellent short-term insurance companies that are financially stable. Some of the top of the range gap cover providers in South Africa are among others, Xelus, Ambledown, Talksure Jenius, Essential Gap Cover, Turnberry, Guard risk’s Admed, Liberty gap cover and Complimed whose cover is basic and affordable and starts as low as R61 a month.

    We’ll look at one or two of them –

    When researching each gap cover provider, check out the waiting periods, the maximum entry and benefit age, whether there is out of hospital cover, what cancer benefits they offer and what is excluded from gap cover.


    They offer 4 gap cover products that cover the tariff gap at 300% or 500% of the scheme rate. There’s no maximum entry age with Sirago and also no annual limit.  Premiums range from R175 with their Gap Cover plan to R290 for an individual on their Ultimate Gap Cover Plan.


    They are a leading health insurance product provider in South Africa. Ambledown has more than 150,000 Gap Cover policy holders. They offer several gap cover plans which start from R130 a month for families whose members are below age 65. A Must-Have Supplement to Medical Aid Medical gap cover is no longer a luxury add on to your medical aid. Rather, it is a must-have now, as, without it, financial ruin is imminent – unless you’re super rich Simply research the leading and top of the range medical gap cover providers in South Africa because there is guaranteed to be one which will suit your pocket and which can save you a lot of stress.

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