Getmed Deregistered in 2012

December 12, 2021

Anyone can land up in hospital at the drop of a hat, even young, healthy people. When you belong to a medical scheme, you have peace of mind that when you are sick or have an injury. That you will have access to quality health care. There are many different options available – from basic hospital cover to all-inclusive, comprehensive medical cover. Before anyone looks to join a medical aid, they should research medical schemes and also review the current one they’re on regularly. Medical schemes can deteriorate over the years. Review your medical scheme annually, and decide if they still satisfy all your medical needs. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, such as solvency and the schemes ability to pay claims. Most importantly, check if they are indeed a legal medical scheme. Read below to learn more about Getmed deregistered.

Is the Necessary Infrastructure in Place? – Getmed Deregistered

An accredited medical scheme has the necessary infrastructure to run the scheme competently, but what about GetMed? It has been deregistered, which isn’t a good thing.  The reason why is the Council for Medical Schemes can’t offer the member of the scheme the same kind of protection that members of a registered medical scheme would receive.

Getmed DeregisteredGetmed was registered in 2010, and they had about 2 500 members. The plan commenced with a range of benefit options for the sick fund of the Bargaining Council. GetMed expanded the Health Protection Plan product outside the bargaining council, marketing the product around the country as a medical scheme. This included corporates who wanted the product for their employees.

According to the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998, the Registrar for Medical Schemes determined that the product fell within the definition of ‘doing the business of a medical scheme’. It is a fact that there are more that 2500 member with GetMed Plan.

The directors of GetMed agreed that their product did fall within the confines of the Medical Schemes Act. They wanted to, therefore, register GetMed as a medical scheme, and it was conditionally registered as such in December 2010. It’s aim – to offer protection to those members who had already signed up for the plan.

Conditions Not Adhered To – Getmed Deregistered

There are conditions, however. To pay the applications fees for the accreditation. Provide financial guarantee as necessary by the Medical Schemes Act. Provide more documentation regarding evaluations done on their administration. And to also provide an insurance contract for evaluation by the Office of the Registrar.

GetMed failed to comply with the conditions, even after various efforts to get them to comply with the conditions of registration.

The Registrar then wrote to GetMed in August 2011 cancelling the registration as a medical scheme, ordering the scheme to cease from operating as a medical scheme.

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All info was correct at time of publishing