Guardrisk Admed is a registered insurer who offers their clients custom designed cover and access to lots of benefits.

That’s because being a medical scheme member does not guarantee you full cover when you go into hospital.

Most medical specialists charge far more than the Medical Scheme Tariff. That just means that there will be a shortfall.

A medical shortfall is an amount you must pay after the medical aid has paid what it believes it should. That is, what it believes the treatment should cost. Medical practitioners aren’t regulated, and they charge what they want, and you have to pay the price.

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Guardrisk Admed – It’s your Ticket to Peace of Mind

Fortunately, you can guard yourself against these shortfalls. And remember that unexpected shortfalls can leave you in a terrible predicament if you can’t pay.

Guardrisk AdmedAdmed gap cover is a subsidiary of Guardrisk Insurance and is available to anybody who has insurance and who is on a medical aid scheme.

Guardrisk Admed Gap Cover provides you with a solution in the event of hospitalisation for an operation or accident and certain procedures performed on an out-patient basis.

To qualify for gap cover with Guardrisk Admed, you must be 65 years of age or younger. You need Admed Cover just for your peace of mind. Medical service providers charge far more than the rates set out in the National Health Reference Price List (NHRPL).

Don’t Spend your Time Trying to Organise Extra Funds in Time of Need

If you don’t want to be severely out of pocket by paying large amounts of money to make up the shortfall, you should consider Guardrisk Admed Gap Cover.

As an example, you will find that some medical aid plans will only cover 100% of the rates and also only for hospitalisation. The truth of the matter is that most times actual costs could amount to as much as 400% of the listed tariffs.

Always Be sure To checkĀ that You Get the benefits YOU Want

Admed gap cover incurs a three month waiting period from the time you sign on with them. They make an exception when there is an emergency. Unfortunately, there could be a 12-month waiting period for maternity benefits as well as a 12 month waiting period for any pre-existing conditions.

It is always a good idea to contact Admed and confirm the benefits you get from them.

Guardrisk Admed – Two Worthwhile Options

Admed is an individually designed product, providing cover for the shortfall, or gap, in the event of hospitalisation. In 2016 Guardrisk will offer two options instead of 4, and these will be Primary Gap Cover and Supreme Gap Cover.

Primary Gap Cover is R159 a month while Admed Supreme Gap is R199 a month. Supreme offers a full range of benefits including Prescribed Minimum Benefits, and it covers shortfalls in medical practitioner costs.

The Primary Gap cover is for those looking for a less comprehensive gap cover solution. It covers for shortfalls in medical practitioner costs, but this doesn’t include Prescribed Minimum Benefits.

Just when You Thought it Was Safe to Leave the HospitalĀ – Don’t Let Stress Put you Back

In many instances, medical schemes can negotiate lower and more affordable rates with hospitals, but they are not always able to do this with individual medical specialists who charge what they want.

By having affordable Admed Gap Cover in place, you can prevent yourself getting the shock of your life that, when you receive a bill so huge, the stress puts you back in the hospital.

Medical scheme members can apply for your medical gap cover quote
by completing and sending the form on this page

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