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December 15, 2021

Gap plans are vital because more of us have begun to realise the importance of medical gap plans. The problem is, where do you start?

With so many different medical gap plans out there, choosing the right cover can be tough.

In this article, we’ll go through the top options available in South Africa so that you can choose the right one for you.

Not sure what gap cover is? It is short-term insurance designed to bridge the gap between the amount that your medical aid pays for specialist care and what the doctors charge you.

Gap cover lets you focus on getting better, rather than worrying about the extra expenses that are not covered by your medical plan.

Medical Gap plans and South Africa’s top 10 providers of gap cover

Medical gap plans


Zestlife Gap Cover will not only pay the shortfall between procedures in hospitals but will also cover:

  • Differences between what the medical aid pays and what the doctor charges.
  • In-hospital treatments with an affordable co-payment.
  • A payout should you be diagnosed with stage 2 cancer.
  • An accidental death benefit and also cover for permanent disability.
  • The opportunity to opt for additional cover related to cancer and dentistry.

Here are the 2024 premium amounts for Zestlife Universal Zestlife Essential Gap Cover Plans

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024




The medical gap plans offered by Stratum is a budget-friendly option. All plans cover the difference between with doctors or specialists charge and the standard medical aid rate. They are also able to provide the cover with a co-payment.


Gap cover from Turnberry provides up to 500% cover when it comes to staying in a hospital.

The standard plan, “Elect-a-care” covers you for deductibles for dentistry, scopes, scans, and payments made in-hospital. Included are some scans outside of the hospital.

The more comprehensive plan, “Elect-a-care-plus” will help with co-payments at the hospital and offers a range of benefits for out-of-hospital procedures. With the plus plan, there is a range of deductibles.


This cover is not limited to services when you are in hospital but also covers services when you are an out-patient as well. Such as when you need chemotherapy, radiotherapy or dialysis, for example.

Complimed Gap Cover

This cover is basic and affordable.


The Fusion package by Xelus is intended for employer groups. It will cover any shortfall, no matter what medical aid you belong to. Xelus has made the top 10 list for many years in a row.


Sirago offers good value for money. There are no annual limits, and there is not a maximum age to enter the plan. The cover will cover in-hospital fees for health care providers and optometry and dentistry as well.


This is no-nonsense, easy to understand cover. When you are in the hospital, there is no need to worry about any shortfalls.


Talksure offers cover that is simple and straightforward.

Gap plans are an essential part of being insured. Say goodbye to over the top specialist bills. Say hello to peace of mind.

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