How Hippo Gap Cover Works

December 19, 2021

Health is everything. Become ill with a dreaded disease and it’s like your world has fallen apart. You’re stressed even more because of the non-paying actions of your medical aid. With a disease like cancer, you have many specialists to see, but medical aid won’t be paying your bills in full. Start by comparing shortfall insurance with Hippo gap cover.

Assistance when you need it

So who will take care of the balance of the bill if medical aid won’t pay? If you don’t have gap cover, you’ll have to pay the shortfall. Many people have had to sell up everything they own to pay these enormous bills.  Amid this doom and gloom however, there is hope – gap cover.

Hippo Gap Cover is a Way to Search for Shortfall InsuranceSouth Africa has many reputable gap cover providers so it can be quite complicated and time-consuming knowing which one to choose. This is where Hippo comes in. They are an insurance comparison website, so you can compare gap cover ‘all under one roof’ – on their website.

How Hippo gap cover works

  • With Hippo, in just a few easy steps you can have gap cover.
  • Once you’ve filled in your details, they provide you with quotes from different gap cover providers.
  • You must belong to a medical aid to benefit from this gap cover.
  • You won’t find any hidden fees or disregard for your personal information on the Hippo site.
  • When you request gap cover from Hippo, you’ll notice that the payouts vary between policies.
  • Some gap cover policies from Hippo may well provide limited cover for certain out-patient costs such as casualty, disability, co-payments, accidental death and oncology.
  • All the gap cover policies are subject to a maximum annual overall limit.


Also known as top-up cover

  • This top-up cover takes care of your in-hospital shortfalls that your medical aid won’t pay.
  • Many specialists charge way beyond the 300% of the medical aid rate. If your specialist charges 4- or 500% of the medical aid rate, your medical aid will possibly pay 300%. You have to fit the bill for the rest. Those amounts can be enormous to pay and they have destroyed many people financially without gap cover.
  • The gap cover from Hippo is a medical insurance product. Gap cover works in conjunction with your medical aid.
  • The gap cover policies that Hippo provides you with won’t cover anything your medical aid excludes. A typical example of this is cosmetic surgery.
  • Hippo is a reputable comparison site. You can trust the medical aid providers they supply you with. Nonetheless, it is up to you to read the fine print to get the exact gap cover that suits your circumstances.
  • Look out for exclusions and waiting periods to avoid bitter disappointment later on when you try to claim.
  • If you are looking to consider gap cover from Hippo, make sure to check out precisely what benefits you’ll get. Some gap cover offers dental benefits.
  • When you look at Hippo’s partners on their website, you see that they include a broad range of medical schemes, insurance companies as well as financial institutions.
  • Hippo’s search results aren’t based on preferences and favouritism of brands but their quotes are provided according to price alone.


Don’t let huge bills defeat you

Once you’ve chosen the gap cover of choice and you know what tariff your medical aid uses to reimburse those in-hospital expenses, then Hippo will put you in touch with them.

That’s when you have peace of mind that you’re sufficiently covered for your medical costs.

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All info was correct at time of publishing