Individual Gap Cover from Discovery

December 19, 2021

What is Individual Gap Cover from Discovery?

  • Short-term insurance aimed at meeting the shortfall between what the medical professionals charge you and what your medical aid pays out
  • Not just for members of Discovery Medical Aid
  • Cover starts at R90 a month
  • Choice of three options – from basic gap cover to comprehensive cover
  • An enhancement for your medical aid, not a replacement


Discovery Individual Gap Cover

Discovery individual gap cover is Discovery’s basic offering, and it will cost you from R90 per month, depending on how many people are covered.

You can choose either Discovery Gap Comprehensive or Discovery Gap Core in order to help you pay shortfalls on:

  • Certain out-of-hospital expenses, where these are related to an admission to hospital. (As long as the hospital stay was authorized in the first place.)
  • Claims for specialist services while in hospital.
  • Co-payments on claims related to cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • You are limited to claims that total no more than R150 000 per person per annum.
  • The cover that you get will be contingent on the plan that you initially select.
  • As a Vitality member, you are entitled to extra cover both in and out of the hospital, depending on what your current Vitality status is.

Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover

This is a very basic individual gap cover and works on a lump sum payment, rather than on the amount on your bill. It Discovery Individual Gap Coverstarts at R65 per month.

Benefits include:

  • A payment of R500000 if you are diagnosed with a so-called “high cost” disease, on the list of conditions covered by Discovery
  • R10 000 a month for up to a year to pay for home care in the case that you have a qualifying illness or injury
  • You can get up to 25% of each premium paid if you are a member of Vitality. The amount paid back will depend on your Vitality status.
  • Discovery pays your premiums for up to two years if you are unable to as a result of illness or disability.

Discovery Gap Cover* and Supplementary Gap Cover

You could choose to have both products to give you that extra piece of mind. This would cost you from R155 every month.

That way, if you became permanently disabled, for example, you would be able to claim any excess not paid by your medical aid from Discovery, subject to policy limits.

You would also be able to claim the R10 000 to pay for home care for up to a year.

What You Need to Know Before Applying

  • This is not a medical aid. It is not meant to replace a medical aid and should not be used to do so.
  • Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover may be bought independently of the Gap Cover.
  • You may apply for any of these products as long as you are a member of a scheme that is already administered by Discovery. Exclusions would be people who are making use of KeyCare options.

These two products have been carefully designed to offer you peace of mind. You no longer need to worry about whether or not you will be able to afford great medical care.

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All info was correct at time of publishing