Medical Aid Gap Cover from Hippo

December 15, 2021

Gap cover may be optional, but it is essential. South Africa has a host of excellent medical aids, but often they’re going to disappoint you. That’s because they’re not going to protect you from high, unplanned medical bills. Hippo has  a solution, fortunately.

So what is the problem, exaxtly? You’ll find that in some instances, your medical aid will pay your bills in full. But there will be other cases, where the specialist charges way beyond what the medical scheme is willing to pay out, then you have to pay this shortfall amount.

The truth is one has to think of all those unplanned medical expenses and what devastating effects they will have on your wallet. South Africans feel as though gap cover is just another amount to pay over and above their already costly medical aid premium.

So what do they do? they opt for gap cover. And where do they go for gap cover?

Medical aid gap cover from Hippo is helpful because it presents you with a host of gap cover options, and all ‘under one roof’.

Gap Cover from a Host of Reputable Providers

Hippo Compare Medical Gap Cover

Medical Scheme’s have different degrees of reimbursement. The schemes pay professional services at either 100% right up to 500% of the scheme rate. That is why you need to choose gap cover from Hippo so carefully.

A medical aid that says you have 100% cover means anything charged beyond that 100% you will have to pay. You, therefore, need gap cover which tells me you are covered  500% of the scheme rate to feel safe.

There are so many things to consider with gap cover, but with Hippo, you can look for all these features conveniently and choose the best medical aid gap cover. You will find that this gap cover comes from providers such as:

Hippo Puts You in Touch with the Best

Hippo was launched in 2007 and are a comparison website, allowing you to compare personal finance products from different South African brands. You can check out different providers, their prices and benefits in a matter of minutes. They put you in touch with the best provider.

With gap cover, you’ll be able to find out about sub-limits, tariff gaps, co-payments and cancer treatments. With Hippo, when you start comparing, you’ll find that gap cover doesn’t provide cover for everything. You’ll discover that to benefit from gap cover; you have to be a member of a medical scheme.

Hippo Doesn’t Leave You Guessing

What is useful when looking for medical aid gap cover from Hippo Health is that they also give you a useful  A-Z Medical Gap Cover Glossary so that you can understand all the terms and phrases used in gap cover. Some of these will be –

  • Eligible child – this includes biological children, stepchildren and legally adopted children of the primary member.
  • Eligible spouse – this is the spouse of the main member. The spouse is registered as an adult dependent and isn’t registered on any other medical aid other than that of the spouse. If the main member has a number of spouses, they can only nominate one eligible spouse for the benefits.
  • Medical Scheme – registered with the Registrar of Medical Schemes. Members of medical schemes pay a monthly premium and the in exchange the medical scheme provides the member insurance against expenses incurred because of an injury or illness.


Hippo’s website is managed by experienced web developers to ensure customers looking for any kind of insurance have the best experience there is. You won’t find any misleading, outdated information on Hippo, they are free to use and you always get the best deal.

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