How to Save on Medical Gap Cover by Using Hippo

December 9, 2021

Hippo medical gap cover is a short-term insurance policy that complements your medical aid. It is not an alternative to medical aid.

Most people think that if you belong to medical scheme, then you have 100% cover for most, if not all, medical and surgical events.

That is not the case!

Your medical aid will pay 100% of the medical aid rate. That is a scheme tariff in terms of the NHRPL. Specialists and other health service providers do not have to use this price list and may charge whatever they wish. That can sometimes be up to 500% of the medical scheme tariff.

Hippo Medical Gap Cover

Hippo medical gap cover covers the difference between what the specialists charge, and what the medical aid pays.

In South Africa where medical care is so expensive, people are loathed to have to pay out more for extra

Hippo Medical Gap Cover Quote

health care insurance. However, in the country at present, where crime and corruption are the order of the day, gap cover is a vital product. It can protect you from the stress faced when an unexpected stint in hospital leaves you with an exorbitant bill.

How do you choose the Hippo Medical Gap Cover suited to you

Hippo is the way to go if you are looking for affordable gap cover. You can compare prices and the benefits of all leading plans through them.

  • Hippo is quick, convenient and time-saving.
  • You can compare deals side by side.
  • Hippo helps you buy directly from the insurers, excluding the commission payable to a broker.
  • You can do everything, include getting a quote, online.
  • You can compare everything, helping you to make a fair and educated decision on what’s best for you.


Who is Hippo Medical Gap Cover?

The Hippo web page is a fantastic online tool, available for comparing instant insurance quotes, prices, benefits and policies. Comparing gap cover is no exception.

  • Hippo service is free, unbiased, and impartial.
  • Personal privacy and information is important to Hippo, and keeps everything confidential.
  • Hippo is able to source quotes directly from the main trusted providers, thus saving you money.
  • Hippo will help you find the right gap cover to suit your needs.
  • They use the latest Internet technology to enable even a beginner to follow the prompts easily.
  • All information is handled securely and Hippo gives no personal data to a third person.
  • All information is free to use. There are no costs involved.
  • Doing it online saves time, money and hassle.


How Hippo Medical Gap Cover Works

  • Find the quote page on the website.
  • Complete the form giving the relevant information.
  • See the online search results, compare the prices and benefits, and then decide on what suits your pocket and your needs.
  • When you have found one that you feel comfortable with, press ”I’m interested”, and the provider will contact you.


Important  to compare

  • Size of family needing cover.
  • Cancellation period.
  • Waiting periods.
  • Annual limits.
  • Entry age.
  • Benefits and cover.


Hippo’s motto is Compare, Buy, Save

Independent research has shown that one way or another you can save up to R450 by using Hippo to compare and quote. And remember: more than 50,000 people compare insurance quotes on the Hippo web page each month. Shouldn’t you?

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