Internet Quote for Medical Gap Cover

December 9, 2021

If you are a member of a medical aid scheme, you need gap cover to supplement it. Get an internet quote here on this page.

You may ask why you need an internet quote for gap cover when you pay huge premiums to your medical aid each month. Well, let’s say have an operation, like a heart bypass for instance. Your surgeons can charge way beyond the standard medical aid scheme rates. Your medical aid will only pay the medical aid rates. So you will have to pay the shortfall. Those are the massive amounts the surgeon charges beyond what the medical aid can pay.

Internet Quote – How Gap Cover Works

For example, if your medical aid rates stipulate R10 000 for an operation, but your surgeon charges R40 000, you will have to pay the R30 000 out of your pocket.  So gap cover has become a grudge purchase, but without it, you can be financially ruined. Gap cover isn’t a medical aid – it works with the medical aid that you’re on and covers those co-payments and other excesses which are all at the rate that your medical aid pays.

Internet Quote – What the NHRPL Says

The National Health Reference Price List  (NHRPL) is maintained by the Department of Health and the Council for Medical Schemes. They lay out the medical aid scheme rates for your medical aid, whether it is GEMS, Samlam, Complimed Discovery or Momentum.

Your medical aid is bound by law to pay out for certain treatments, but other medical service providers aren’t bound by the rates. They can charge 3, 4 5 and even 600% over these NHRPL prices. So you are virtually never covered fully for any treatment and are liable for some of an enormous shortfalls, running into thousands upon thousands of Rands.

Internet Quote for Medical Gap Cover

It doesn’t matter which medical aid scheme you belong to because they’re all the same. They all have medical practitioners who charge what they want. Even if it is 400% or 500% of what the medical aid allocates. This alone should spur you into looking at medical aid gap cover and then requesting a quote.

100% Doesn’t Mean 100% with a Medical Aid Plan

Some comprehensive and hospital plans offer cover at 100% of NHRPL rates. And people mistakenly think they’re covered completely. Compare online quote for gap cover side by side. And understand the waiting periods, the exclusions as well as the rules of the medical scheme.

The beauty about an internet quote is that you can compare the different gap cover against other major gap cover suppliers.

For instance, you’ll be able to compare Complimed’s Gap Cover with Sanlam, Liberty, Stratum and others and then find the solution that best suits you.

You can’t get away from the fact that even medical gap cover is increasing too quickly as doctors charge more and  medical schemes cut back on benefits. Just at the end of last year some gap cover providers increased their premiums by between 6 and 76% for 2016.

Gap Cover as Important as the Air we Breathe

Gap cover has always been fairly cheap for meeting those irritating shortfalls. There is uncertainty that exists with medical aid. But gap cover’s rising premiums help you to manage the rising cost of surgery. Gap cover is as important to medical aid cover as oxygen, and food is to us. Without it, you are heading to financial doom.

To request your medical gap cover quote online, just complete and send the form on this page

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