Don’t get caught out with expensive medical bills. Here’s how to get gap cover

December 19, 2021

Where do you find the extra money to pay for an unexpected hospital or specialists bill? Here’s how to get gap cover that does exactly that.

It’s never a pleasant experience needing specialist care, but the cost of the service can make things a lot worse.

Gap cover is something that you simply must have. Especially if you don’t want to see your savings disappear on expensive medical bills.

And don’t think you are safe because you have a medical aid plan. What exactly are you covered for? In reality, less than you think.

It is standard practice for a medical aid plan to cover you 100% of medical aid rates. However, there is a lot more to it than that!

How to get gap cover and survive the hospital bill

How to get medical gap cover

Sometimes you deal with medical professionals who think nothing of charging four or five times regular medical aid rates. That’s where your medical aid plan just doesn’t cut it.

Don’t get caught in a financial trap by spending all your money on unexpected medical and hospital bills. Choose from the list below on how to get gap cover in South Africa and sign up now. These are your top options.


You get cover for procedures in the hospital plus medical specialist’s fees and co-payments that you might be expected to pay. If you have a cancer diagnosis, you receive a one-time payout.

Here are the 2024 premiums for Zestlife’s Universal and Essential plans:

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024




Stratum’s cover is more affordable with premiums between R99 and R168 on a monthly basis. The cover offered is unlimited on all plans.


You qualify for cover from Turnberry that is about 500% higher than normal medical aid rates should you need to go into hospital. The basic plan not only includes scans done whilst in hospital but those done out of hospital too. Their Plus plan offers a wide range of extra benefits as well.

Essential Gap Cover

You can choose either the Essential Basic Elite plan or the Prestige Plan. Elite cover not exceeding 500% at R140 monthly and with a limit of R250 000 a year. And Prestigec over not exceeding 600% at R160 monthly without yearly limits. Gap cover extends to the family as well.


Ambledown gap cover extends to some out-patient procedures like chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well. The cover does not exceed 500% and the annual family limit is R2 000 000.

Complimed Gap Cover

Complimed cover is very affordable with monthly premiums of between R61 and R121 a month.


If you are part of an employer group, the Fusion offering from Xelus could be just what you need. They give cover for a number of different shortfalls.


You get Sirago gap cover from about R115 monthly. This cover extends to your husband/wife and family up to five members. There are no barriers to entry related to age and there are no yearly limits. You also get a range of benefits not included in other policies like optometry and dental procedures if conducted in a hospital.


Jenius has earned a place in this listing and offer very competitive cover.

Now you know how to get medical gap cover, all you have to do now is check out their websites and sign up. Easy!

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