How to sign up for medical gap cover in South Africa

December 18, 2021

There are a number of insispensable steps you should take in order to eliminate hefty medical co-payments. And taking out gap insurance is one way to do this. So here’s how to sign up for medical gap cover fast.

  • Be sure you qualify for gap cover

First, you must belong to a registered medical scheme to sign up. Significantly, this means that your scheme must be registered with the Council for Medical Schemes in South Africa. And note that having health insurance from companies like Clientele will NOT allow you to sign up.

  • Have your your medical aid details ready

The next step is then to get a quote online from a reputable gap company. You will have supply your contact details and answer questions about your medical aid. Then, once you supply the information, an agent will be in touch to discuss your needs and give you a quotation.

  • Compare quotes before you commit

The low cost of gap cover for medical aid will amaze you. And a single policy covers everyone on your plan. The monthly premium is a mere five to ten percent of your actual medical aid premium. That’s a reasonable price to pay for savings possibly tens of thousands of rand in co-payments.

How to sign up for medical gap cover in South Africa

So get hold of as many firms as you can before hiring anyone. On this page you can use the contact box to get hold of an agent for a leading short-term insurance specialising in this kind of cover.

  • Choose and sign up for gap cover

Once you have picked your gap cover company it is time to set up a contract with them. Importantly, this can be done by phone or by email. So it’s quick, easy and convenient.

  • How to sign up for gap cover turns out to be easy so act now.


Complete and submit the form on this page to begin the process of signing up for gap cover

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