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December 18, 2021

For medical aid members to get supplementary health insurance in the form of gap cover, initially you need to contact a qualified gap insurance broker.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. That is because on this page is a contact form. So simply add your contact details and answer the three easy questions so we can direct you to the right agent.

There are two qualifiers for getting gap cover. Firstly, you must belong to a registered medical aid in South Africa. And secondly, you must be dealing with a top insurance provider such as Zestlife. ( Contact them here.)

What does a gap insurance broker do?

After you have submitted the contact form (you need to complete it then click on the Get a Quote button to submit the form), you will receive an automated message confirming receipt.

Our insurance brokers will take a look at the details you have sent. Then the right advisor will contact you personally. And all he or she will need to know is the medical plan you are on.

Insurance broker for gap cover
We are waiting to talk to you!

For instance, let’s assume you are with Discovery. Perhaps you are on the top-of-the-range executive plan. Or maybe you have a simple network hospital plan or a Coastal Core deal. Importantly, it does not matter – all you have to be is a paid up and current member of a registered medical aid in South Africa.

And it does not matter how many dependents are on your medical aid plan. Your broker will know that all the beneficiaries on your plan qualify for gap cover.

Next the insurance broker works out what the monthly premium will be for your gap policy. Tip: generally the premium works out to 5% to 10% of the total of your actual medical aid premium, so gap cover is an affordable product.

That’s all! The broker will give you the quote. Once you agree, he or she will sign you up. With a few limited exceptions, the policy takes effect immediately.

Insure your medical aid shortfalls. Use the convenient little form on this page to contact our broker. Act now!

All info was correct at time of publishing