We provide you here with all the basic information you need to understand gap cover. Then you can get a quote on this page by using the useful contact form on this page. We will then contact you tell you how much your gap policy will cost.

But first, here is your info guide to gap cover.

Basic information about gap cover

  • Only members of South African registered medical schemes qualify for gap cover. Contact your medical aid. They will let you know that your membership is in good standing. Bring it up to date if it is not, then apply for a gap quote.
  • The companies that provide gap insurance have nothing to do with medical aids – they are completely separate. Just to put you in the picture: medical aids are statutorily controlled while independent short-term insurance companies supply gap cover.
  • No matter how many family members or other dependents are on your medical plan with a medical aid, a single gap cover policy will cover everyone on the plan.
  • It does not matter if you have a hospital plan from a medical aid or if you have a more comprehensive plan – you do qualify for medical aid. Your gap cover company will notify you about a quote relating to the plan you are on.


Information about gap cover for medical aid

More info

When you buy gap cover, your monthly premium will be low. It amounts to about 5 to 10 percent of the monthly premium you are paying for medical aid itself. But your gap cover provider will inform you about the precise amount.

Claims are easy. You download the form, let somebody at your gap company know you are sending the form and then submit it, including the necessary documents. You will be notified when the cash is paid into your bank account.

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