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December 18, 2021

Purchase your gap cover policy on this page. It’s that easy…

All you need is to be a medical aid member in good standing.

Please note: South Africans who DO NOT belong to an official medical scheme may NOT buy gap cover.

The purpose of a gap cover policy is to insure the “gap” between what your medical aid is prepared to pay for various treatments, procedures, hospital stays, tests and medications, and what the actual bill says.

Don’t get caught short. Get gap cover.

How to purchase gap insurance on the internet

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Ensure that you belong to a registered medical scheme. Here is the list of official schemes. That’s because gap cover is supplementary to an existing medical aid option. (Hit: some well-known registered schemes include Discovery Health, Selfmed, GEMS and Bonitas. But check the list to make sure you are a member of a legitimate medical scheme.) Note: Clientele Health is NOT a medical aid. It’s health insurance.
  • Now that you have established you belong to a South African medical scheme, you are ready to purchase a gap cover policy. But first you need a quote. Fortunately, it’s easy to get one. Simply complete and submit the little from on this page. We will contact you fast to provide a tailored quote prior to your buying a policy.


Purchase a Gap Cover Policy on This Page. Use the Short Form.



How much does it cost to purchase gap cover?

The good news is that a single gap health cover policy will apply to ALL the members on your medical aid. So if you have a spouse and kids on your medical scheme option, then everyone will have gap cover.

And gap cover is really affordable. There are a few options you will have, but generally you can expect to pay the equivalent of 6% to 10% of your medical aid monthly payment.

So if you pay R6000 a month for medical aid, for instance, then you can expect your gap cover policy premium to be anywhere from R400 to R600 per month. (There are some options where you opt for extra gap cover for cancer and dread diseases. When you get a quote we will explain the details to you.)

And, yes, when you purchase a gap policy it takes effect right away.

I have a gap cover quote. What now?

You got your gap cover quote from us by completing the form.  Now you can complete your purchase by phone and by email. It’s easy.

Get a quote and buy now…


Use the form on this page. Complete it, submit it, and then
we will get back to you with a personal quote. Act now!


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