Tony Singleton Interview About the Ins and Outs of Gap Cover

December 18, 2021

If you choose your medical aid and your medical gap cover carefully, you can reach your healthcare goals. But you need additional co-payment insurance too. Here are the ins and outs of gap cover.

When you start doing research on gap cover, you’ll see that there are many gap cover providers who describe in-depth the way gap cover works. Possibly the most important decision you’ll make with gap cover is choosing the right provider. This is immensely important.

Ins and Outs: You CANNOT be without Gap Cover

You can only have this gap cover if you belong to a registered medical scheme. If you have a medical aid plan, you cannot be without gap cover. The reason for this is that this gap cover helps with covering those in-hospital medical expense shortfalls that come about when your medical aid only partially pays for a treatment you’ve had.

This is happening more and more often and without gap cover, it is safe to say that you’d sink financially.  Hospitals as well as specialists charge way beyond the stipulated medical aid rates and you must pay this excess amount. That is, if you don’t have gap cover.

Turnberry – a trusted gap cover provider

Turnberry is one of South Africa’s well known, trusted gap cover providers. Tony Singleton, who is the CEO of Risk Management Solutions, says you unfortunately have to read the fine print of a gap cover policy. It is imperative if you want to avoid shocks and disappointments when it comes to claiming.

Ins and Outs of the Gap Cover Industry in South AfricaBe sure and be careful when choosing gap cover.

Certainly, if your medical aid doesn’t cover a certain procedure, then your gap cover won’t either. Gap cover is by no means anything like medical aid. It is an insurance product that steps in to assist with medical aid’s inadequacies.

Some treatments are not covered

You need to know too, that with both medical aid and gap cover, there are some treatments that aren’t covered. One of them for instance, is cosmetic surgery.

Then again, there are instances where a person may require cosmetic surgery after an accident. Then the medical aid and gap cover will determine whether the treatment is in fact medically necessary.

Ins and Outs: Get help with your gap cover choice

Tony Singleton added that people shopping around for gap cover should always do research, but ultimately the services of a reputable financial advisor would be the ultimate help. Professional guidance will take you to a gap cover product that is moulded and tailored to your unique needs.

You simply have to understand all the ins and outs of gap cover – what is covered and what isn’t covered.

Both sides need to keep current

You can’t settle back either by reading your policy over one time and then assuming you’re done. The reason for this is that gap cover providers as well as medical aids update their policies every year. You need to keep up with the changes.

Not only that, your needs also change. You develop a new disease or you add another child onto the list. You have different seasons of your life, and your gap cover needs to be adjusted to suit the changes.

Make good choices

If you want to reach your healthcare goals with gap cover, make the right choice. Also, to get the best from gap cover, stick to the rules of your medical aid as gap cover is something you want to remain on the good side of.

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