Insure Your Medical Aid with Turnberry Gap Cover

December 18, 2021

When difficult times come and you land up in hospital, your financial pressures can cause you to have a relapse. You need to insure your medical aid with Turnberry gap cover.

Being on a medical aid doesn’t really do anything to ease your financial worries. This is because these days they seem to be paying less and less.

Accidents and illness are always unexpected so we need to be prepared for anything. We also need to be prepared for a stint in hospital by having gap cover.

By paying a small premium each month, this gap cover can protect you. It takes care of those medical bills your medical aid only partially pays for.

There are specialists who charge over the medical aid tariff amount. The medical aids won’t pay for this excess amount. They leave it for you to pay.

Insure your medical aid with Turnberry

If you’re wondering about just where you’re going to get this much-needed gap cover from, South Africa has a number of reputable gap cover providers.

Insure Your Medical Aid to Avoid Co-payments

Gap cover from a provider such as Turnberry will allow you to not get all hot and bothered. You won’t have to be constantly worrying about unforeseen events and how you’ll pay for them.

Turnberry was founded in 2001. Their focus is on helping their clients avoid the terrible financial burden of exorbitant medical expense shortfalls.

A guiding light steers you in the right direction

As an authorised financial services provider, they want to partner with you. They liken themselves to a guiding light from a lighthouse – steering you away from the dangers that medical shortfalls can place you in.

Their products help you tackle shortfalls and co-payments.  To apply online for the gap cover, simply click on their pink ‘Apply now and get covered’. Fill the online form in and submit. Note that you must belong to a medical aid — any medical scheme in South Africa — to qualify for gap cover.

Insure your medical aid cover by signing up for affordable gap cover.
Complete and submit the form on this page to get your personal quote.

Extended Family Cover

Turnberry also offers ‘Extended Family Cover’. This means the main insured person, their spouse and eligible children below the age of 26 years. Dependents under the definition of ‘eligible’ are included at no additional cost.

If you have extended family registered on your Medical Scheme and they don’t qualify in terms of Turnberry’s definition of ‘family’ they can still be added onto your policy.

Turnberry’s gap cover products are –

  • Premier
  • Optimal
  • Synergy
  • Launch
  • Med Extend
  • Extended Family Cover
  • Travel Assist


Their Synergy Plan is a popular choice. The reason for this is that it offers a full spectrum of benefits at a very affordable price.

The cover ensures you’re protected from most of the common types of medical expense shortfalls of up to 500%. What is particularly notable is that for the affordable price, is covers the likes of co-payments, sub-limits and casualty benefits.

Like other gap cover providers, Turnberry also offers their waiting periods – 3-month general waiting period. However, accidents will be covered within the 3-month general waiting period.

There is a 10-month waiting period on pregnancy and childbirth. There is the 12-month waiting period on certain surgeries.

Turnberry stands united with you

One of the wisest investments you can make these days is medical gap cover. In a world full of take and not much give, it can be comforting to know that Turnberry is reaching out to you. They resolve the ‘pay conflict’ that exists between medical aids and their members and banish your payment stress.

Insure your medical aid cover by signing up for affordable gap cover.
Complete and submit the form on this page to get your personal quote.

All info was correct at time of publishing