AON Gap Cover for Medical Aid Shortfalls

December 18, 2021

Did you know that when you join a medical aid scheme you may not be fully covered in-hospital? AON to the rescue!

It doesn’t matter which medical aid scheme you’re on, there are going to be large in-hospital shortfalls.

This is because specialists charge above the specific scheme rate. They charge whatever fee they like. It’s unethical really as there is no restriction on their pricing. The medical aid won’t pay for this over-and-above amount.

These shortfalls can run into hundreds of thousands of Rands. Without medical gap cover taking care of these shortfalls for you, you are literally sunk.

AON gives a helping hand

If you are wondering where to get this medical gap cover from, South Africa has many providers. Aon is a leading global professional services firm. They offer a broad range of insurance products to individuals and businesses.

AON experts work closely with their clients to provide the solutions they seek. They are a risk and insurance adviser. They present customers with an extensive range of tried and tested products.

One of these is their gap cover insurance. Aon has contracts with various medical schemes as well as gap cover providers.

These gap cover providers are –


Between them, you will find various levels of cover that includes co-payment benefits, oncology cover, sub-limit benefit extender and others.

They all offer different levels of cover from 200% to 500% and sometimes even 700%.

The state of public healthcare facilities in South Africa is such that you need private healthcare insurance. The problem is that medical schemes won’t cover paying members for everything. This is in spite of you paying an enormous monthly premium.

The need therefore, for gap cover is essential.

AON gap insurance – a Shortfall Superhero

Supplementary products such as gap cover help medical aid members to pay these shortfalls the medical aid won’t pay. Medical gap policies are invaluable, regardless of the medical aid plan you have.

It is important that medical aid members are guided by a professional broker as to what gap cover they need. Remember, gap cover doesn’t replace your medical scheme cover. Rather, it is a supplement to it. Gap insurance covers the shortfall that exists from specialist charges for in-hospital procedures.

These specialists are capable of charging up to 400% of the benefits offered by medical aid. Shortfalls of R50 000 to R100 000 or more are not out of the question. The question is – if you receive a medical aid bill with an amount like this, can you pay it?

Professional intervention

The solution is to research the gap cover providers of AON and get peace of mind that this scenario won’t be your lot.

Trying to make head or tail of medical aid jargon is a nightmare if you don’t get help from a professional broker such as AON. Having a reputable broker like them on your side is like making a wise investment.

A supplementary product such as gap cover simply relieves a medical aid member’s anxieties about paying for treatment in a health crisis.

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