Interested in Gap Cover

    July 1, 2018

    Where can I find information if I am interested in gap cover?

    Gap cover information is widespread online. So if you are interested in gap cover and you belong to a medical aid, then look no further! Today we will look at some of the top gap cover providers and their products. And these providers are:


    Importantly, some other providers that provide comparable gap cover products include:


    Interested in gap cover? – Look at Zestlife Universal

    • Maximum rate – maximum of 500%
    • Co-payments – subject to a maximum per annum per insured person
    • Internal prosthesis and artificial joint cover – exclusion intraocular lenses; inclusion per year per policy maimum of R30 000
    • Interested in Gap Cover from ZestlifeOncology benefit – R25 000 lump sum payout on first time diagnosis of stage 2 cancer. Excludes skin cancer and payable after 12 month waiting period.
    • Casualty – benefit for accidental injury– up to R10 000 cover each year
    • A per year per person cover for accidental tooth breakage of R15 750 maximum
    • Premium waiver benefit– included to cover your medical aid contribution and gap premium in case of your death or permanent disability
    • – included in the waiver benefit for medical aid contribution
    • Permanent disability and accidental death – R50 000 lump sum payment should you or any of your dependants be permanently disabled of accidentally die, although permanent disability lapses when you hit 65 years old
    • No waiting periods
    • Pre-existing conditions exclusion – 12 months waiting period for pre-existing conditions including pregnancy
    • Non DSP co-payments: One time payment of R8 600 maximum
    • Out-of-hospital procedures: coverage extends to about fifty out-patient shortfalls
    • Who is insured: main medical aid member and all dependants listed as their medical aid dependants
    • Premiums:  see the chart below for information about premiums for the Universal and Essential Plans from Zestlife

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    All info was correct at time of publishing