Is There One Click Gap Cover in South Africa?

December 19, 2021

Medical accounts are often a problem for South Africans. Medical aids also do not cover all accounts leaving people to search for a backup plan. Gap cover can be that backup plan but not all plans are created equally. So is there one click gap cover in South Africa?

There is one gap cover option that covers a range of benefits which makes it one of the best in the market. Turnberry Insurance Group offers clients the Execu-Care gap cover product. It can be considered a one-click gap cover product since it encompasses a range of offerings.

The Execu-Care plan was formulated by taking effective existing products and adding specific extras as requested by Turnberry clients. This is also a cost-effective option at only R250 per month for the entire family.

Coverage in-hospital

Coverage in-hospital is the backbone of any gap cover product. The Execu-Care product increases the cover for claims in-hospital to 400%.

Is There One Click Gap Cover In South AfricaConsultation and treatment rates are increasing since there are fewer qualified medical practitioners in South Africa and a higher demand for services. This increases the price and medical aids are not willing to pay the entire account.

The increased coverage provided by Execu-Care will pay the rest of the hospital account, regardless of the medical aid scheme.

The Execu-Care plan does have a maximum amount that can be claimed annually. The limit is R1 500 000 for a family and R500 000 per individual.


Co-payments Coverage

A co-payment is applicable to some in-hospital procedures. The medical aid member will need to pay this amount. Turnberry’s Execu-Care will cover this cost by up to R10 000 per hospital admission. Annual limits do apply.

Cover for hospital Sub-limits

A sub-limit exists when the medical aid only pays a certain amount for a specific procedure. The amount remaining after the sub-limit kicks in will have coverage by the Execu-Care plan.

Out-patient benefits

Medical aid sub-limits may be applicable to treatments out-of-hospital. Execu-care will pay for the following:


Cover for cancer medication – Is There One Click Gap Cover in South Africa

This is a new benefit on the Execu-Care plan. Cancer is an everyday reality but the high costs of treatment mean that medical aids will not fully cover the treatment. Gap cover is handy in the case of cancer.

Each person on the plan can get treatment to the value of R200 000 (R1 000 000 per family) annually. So the cover is for a variety of different drugs and several types of cancer have coverage by the product.

Cashback in the hospital – Is There One Click Gap Cover in South Africa

An added benefit of the Execu-Care plan is that it will pay cash to a person hospitalised for longer than 3 days. Birth-related hospital stays will allow the mother to receive R2500. The number of days in-hospital will determine the amount received for all other claims.

So it is clear that the Execu-Care gap cover product from Turnberry Insurance Group is superior to many other options. Also, it is a comprehensive gap cover option which provides many additional benefits.

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All info was correct at time of publishing