Is Jenus gap cover worth reviewing and researching?

December 19, 2021

Yes, they’re one of the leading medical gap cover providers as a Jenus gap cover review will show.

Jenus gap Cover review – What do You get with Jenus?

  • Gap cover from an authorised financial service provider
  • A reasonable premium each month to insure your entire family
  • Contracts with 12 of South Africa’s open medical schemes
  • Useful advice and tips on the health care system


If you have a medical aid plan, you’re by no means completely covered. This is why medical gap cover came into being. They pay for the “gap” that comes about when your doctor charges far more than what the medical aid pays out.

Gap cover is not expensive and usually needs one policy for the main member and their dependents. You pay once and you’re covered if you’re all on the same option.

Jenus gap Cover review – Ask questions

Jenus gap Cover reviewThere are many gap cover providers around. When you research the different plans, you’ll want some questions answered.

Jenus are Experts in Medical aid Advice

With Jenus Health you can get gap cover for a family for an amount of R196 per month. There are also some other great benefits with gap cover from Jenus.

They cover up to 20% on co-payments and offer 500% cover on MRI, CT and PET scans. Jenus is a broker that specialises in Medical Aid advice and have contracts with 12 of the top open-market medical schemes.

Apart from gap cover, they also have telephonic and online medical advice. They know that health care plans are complex and cost a lot. Therefore, their mission is to help you make an informed and correct choice.

They make use of software that allows them to provide value-added services to their clients. You can activate your gap cover online and get ongoing query support. Worthy of mention, they offer up to R1 000 000 to your family each  year to help with paying for all those unexpected healthcare costs.

A Jenus gap Cover review Helps with Your research

After you’ve done research and want to buy medical aid gap cover, you’ll find that they are more or less alike. But there are one or two things that can make a difference. Go to the Hello Peter site and there you find some people unhappy with Jenus. You need to know both sides before you buy

Gap cover – a Critical plan to Have

Everyone with medical aid needs gap cover and not all firms are perfect. There are clients happy with Jenus too, just make sure that you research and are satisfied with what Jenus can offer. You can get gap cover from Jenus online.

The cost of health care in South Africa is rocketing out of control. Medical gap cover removes the stress of fretting about huge costs that aren’t covered by your policy.

Gap cover has become your ticket to peace of mind. Do research on Jenus gap cover and find out what other customers have to say about them and what their policy actually covers.

All info was correct at time of publishing