Top 5 Medical Gap Cover Companies in SA

February 28, 2022

Which are the top 5 medical gap cover companies in South Africa?


When it comes to paying your medical bills, you cannot always rely on your medical scheme paying the full amount. When the supplier charges a rate that exceeds medical standard tariffs, you could be left holding the bag for that extra amount.

Fortunately, gap cover provides an affordable way for you to make allowances for this debt. In this post, we will look at the top 5 companies offering this insurance in South Africa and see what they offer. One thing that all these companies have in common is that they are well-established and offer products that are outstanding.

…. and the winner is….

1st of the Top 5 – Zestlife

Here are the 2024 premiums you pay with Zestlife

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024



Top 5 Medical Gap Cover Providers in South AfricaThere are a range of extra add-ons that you can select, such as dentistry cover.

There is no maximum age for acceptance and no limits in terms of the number of children that are covered.

Cover is up to 500% and there are a range of additional benefits such as disability cover. The annual limit per person is R150 000 on the medical shortfall cover part of the policy as per Governmental regulations for all Gap providers.

You can also choose to add extra cover so that your medical aid premium is paid up to the amount of R6500 for up to two years in the event of death or disability.

2nd of the Top 5 – Complimed

Complimed offers two products:

Gap Supreme: This is the more comprehensive product.

LPE Advanced: This cover is for you if you are on a Discovery Key Care plan.

The Supreme plan pays out when you have reached your sub-limits, when you are admitted to casualty and when you are required to pay a co-payment. Included is cover for oncology-related co-payments and a premium waiver benefit.

Cover is up to 500% and an annual overall limit of R150 000 per person.

3rd of the Top 5 – Stratum

There are six different options when it comes to Stratum. The Base 500 allows for a 500% limit on payments.

The most basic cover is Hospital Extender The cover levels increase with each product, culminating in the Elite benefit that costs the most.

Your chosen plan will determine the level of cover that you receive.

4th of the Top 5 – Sanlam Gap Cover

Sanlam’s Comprehensive cover is is available if you are under 60 years of age. People aged 60 or over will pay more.

Cover is up to 500%. You get a range of benefits such as co-payment cover, oncology benefits, etc.

5th of the Top 5 – Turnberry Gap Cover

Turnberry covers you no matter which medical aid you belong to.

Cover is up to 500%. Additional cover that makes Turnberry different is that you receive cash back from day three of your hospital stay.

You may also choose to include travel cover of up to R5 million.


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