Why you need the best gap cover for your medical aid now

February 26, 2022

You need the best Gap Cover you can afford today, as the ever-increasing cost of health care is out of the reach of many hard working people.

A medical aid scheme is not cheap, and it won’t fully cover your bills after a stay in a hospital.  That’s because medical schemes work to a set tariff rate which falls well below what specialists charge for their services.

That’s why you need to consider adding Gap Cover to your chosen medical aid cover. With the cost of living going up daily, you don’t want to have to face huge health bills too.

Medical schemes And the best Gap insurance

Discovery, one of the top providers, have top-up payments for in-hospital work and after care treatment.

With Gap Cover, members enjoy peace of mind knowing that it will pay the shortfall should any big bills come their way for health issues.

What the The best Gap cover buys

A lot depends on the plan and the range of benefits you choose. However, a Gap Cover plan will pay extra costs related to:

  • Hospital admission
  • Treatment
  • PMB’s
  • Any added hospital costs


Why You Need Medical Gap Cover in South Africa in 2020



The best Insurance and Understanding Rates

What it all comes down to are two different tariff rates. Your medical aid pays 100% of your bill at their tariff rate. This falls short of the final cost.

The reason is that specialists are not bound by medical aid scheme tariff rates. They can, and do, base their fee on their tariff rates. The final figure, more often than not, exceeds medical scheme tariff rates by 500%. You pay the shortfall.

FAQ’s and Answers for the Best gap Cover

  1. Who can apply for Gap Cover?

Any member of a medical aid scheme.

  1. How many members of my family can join?

You can add all the people on your health care plan.

  1. Do cancellation periods apply?

Yes, periods range between 30 to 60 days.

  1. Is there a waiting period?

It varies from one insurer to the next. Some insurers impose waiting periods of up to 90 days. In cases of an emergency it does not apply.

  1. Are there limits imposed on benefits?

Annual benefits are imposed but these vary. It depends on who you select as your insurer and the plan you choose.

  1. Must I pay excess payments on benefits?

Yes, on certain plans it can apply. Once again, this depends on the insurer you choose.

As a member of a South African medical aid scheme you can apply for Gap Cover. Get a FREE quote NOW, just complete the form on this page.

All info was correct at time of publishing