Stratum Elite Medical Gap Insurance

    February 28, 2022

    In South Africa, medical schemes have always been a way for members to feel secure that all their medical treatments are fully met. Being a member of a good medical aid should provide 100% peace of mind, but there’s something that doesn’t add up – somewhere where members are losing out. Here we look at Stratum Elite medical gap insurance.

    Your Medical Aid Isn’t Co-Operating

    Medical aid members have discovered that their schemes aren’t paying out in full for some of their treatments. They’ve discovered that their specialists can charge what they like and that their medical aids aren’t going to pay for when this happens.

    South Africans have to do research on gap cover because some of them have learned the very bitter lesson of what happens without gap cover.

    Gap Cover – a Supplement to Medical Aid

    Stratum Elite Medical Gap InsuranceGap cover isn’t a medical aid – it’s a short-term insurance product which pays for those shortfall amounts that your medical aid won’t pay. So you can only buy gap cover if you belong to a registered medical aid. Also, fortunately, South Africa has some good gap cover providers of which Stratum is one.

    Stratum Elite Medical Gap Insurance

    Medical aid members appreciate knowing that Stratum doesn’t waste time. From the time you contact them for their gap cover to the time it comes to submit claims to attending to all your queries in a professional but personal way, Stratum makes every second count.
    They offer some different gap cover options of which their ELITE option will cover the gap that exists when your medical scheme won’t pay your private healthcare fees. We take a look at what the Elite option offers you –

    • the monthly premium is R187 for an individual and R240 for a family
    • the Elite option covers you, your spouse, all dependents registered on your scheme
    • their gap benefit provides an additional 500% cover
    • you can claim as often as you like
    • Their co-payment benefit covers in- and out-of-hospital medical procedure. You’re covered up to an amount of R 8 250 each year for each policy
    • their sub-limit benefit is limited to R20 000 per event and an amount of R60 000 for each insured person
    • oncology benefit – limited to R 450 000 each year for each person
    • cancer diagnosis benefit – once off payment of R 30 000
    • casualty benefit
    • trauma counselling benefit
    • road accident benefit


    Contact Them

    For a small monthly amount, the Stratum Elite medical gap insurance can spare you loads of anxiety in the future. Face it; your medical aid isn’t going to be paying in full for some of the exorbitant charges of specialists and hospitals. So somebody has to pay for the shortfall, and it will be you if you don’t have gap cover.

    Be like Stratum – make every second count – contact them right away if you don’t want to face massive medical bills during 2017. Their head office is in Johannesburg but they have regional branches in Cape Town and Durban as well and satellite branches in Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.

    So you can call them om 086 111 3499 or 010 593 -081 or email them at It is your first move towards peace of mind.


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    All info was correct at time of publishing