Trulogic Gap Cover Explained

March 1, 2022

Trulogic Gap Cover could be your bridge between being able to afford medical healthcare or facingthe prospect of bankruptcy.

This may seem like an overly grim exaggeration but, in reality, South Africa’s medical health landscape is indeed arid with little in the way of an oasis to provide shelter from the financial demands on consumer pockets.

As a financial services provider, Trulogic is a registered broker with all leading medical aid schemes in South Africa and can offer its clients gap cover tailored to their specific needs. Trulogic has also designed a product range specifically for members of Momentum Medical Aid. One of these is:

TruGap Gap Cover for Momentum Medical Aid members

Trulogic Gap Cover TRA

This gap covers policyholders for up to 500% over-and-above what their Momentum Medical Aid will pay for in-hospital procedures and treatments. It also covers additional charges incurred when members use non-designated service providers such as specialists and private hospitals, as well as a sub-limit for internal prosthesis amounting to R60 000 per family annually.

Co-payments include:

  • MRI and CT scans (R2 030)
  • Co-payments for 17 prescribed procedures undertaken in a doctor’s consultancy (1 200)
  • Oncology Incentive after reaching Momentum’s medical scheme limit (limited to R120 000 per family)


TruGap cover costs R314 per family monthly.

TRA Trulogic Gap Cover

TRA gap cover is designed for members of any registered South African medical aid scheme and includes co-payment and sub-limit cover. Benefits amount to a limit of R150 000 per person annually and certain sub-limits may apply.



Customers can opt for Stratum Gap Cover which is also linked to any medical aid scheme and offers 500% cover. Benefits include:

  • Unlimited claims relating to doctors or specialists
  • Radiology, excluding MRI, CT and PET scans
  • Pathology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Disposables such as bandages, gauze and surgical gloves
  • Medication related to in-hospital or outpatient treatments


Premiums are offered at a very affordable rates.


It is an undisputed fact that the cost of healthcare far outstrips the cost of living index every year. Caring for your family’s health needs can put tremendous pressure on personal finances without a top-up policy like gap cover which can no longer be regarded as a luxury added option but rather as an essential part and parcel of your healthcare portfolio.

Trulogic Financial Services is a specialist company with a product range of gap cover policies that can be tailored to meet your individual needs and monthly budget.

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