Trulogic Gap Cover Eliminates Massive Hospital Bills

March 2, 2022

You can go over your medical cover time after time, and it will still tell you the same thing. Many surgical procedures and treatments are NOT covered by your medical aid. That is where Trulogic gap cover comes in.

Its benefits don’t only become evident in a medical emergency, but in day-to-day health issues as well requiring additional payments.

Medical schemes these days are subscribing to the practice of covering members with minimum health care benefits only. That is also dependent on the tier of medical cover you have.

As a Medical Aid member, you can apply for one FREE gap cover quote NOW. Just complete and send the form on this page

Trulogic Gap Cover – Without It You Will Have to Pay and Pay

One thing is sure, though. More often than not there is going to be a shortfall with your in-hospital procedures.

That’s because doctors will charge more than what your Medical Aid will pay. And that is sometimes four times the Reference Price List tariff. Without Trulogic gap cover you would never be able to afford any medical treatment at all.

Obviously, the better your medical aid is, the more benefits you’ll enjoy, and the bigger your premium will be. You may well believe that your medical aid will cover 100% of the Trulogic Financial Servicescosts of a medical procedure, but you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

If your medical aid isn’t able to meet your need and Gap Cover does, where do you get gap cover? Trulogic Financial Services, for instance, offers a full suite of financial services.

They are brokers recognised by all the major medical aids, life insurance and short-term insurance providers.

Trulogic offers Gap Cover from various suppliers, and each of these suppliers offers unique benefits to suit your specific needs and budget –

  • Stratum you need to join Stratum before you turn 70, and children who are still dependents have cover in terms of this gap cover policy right up to the age of 27. The Stratum Benefits policy extends cover to all dependents registered on the medical aid scheme.
  • TruGap – this gap cover is  for members of Profmed and Momentum medical aid schemes. It comes with options. Momentum, Incentive and Extender Cover provide up to 500% cover for in-hospital events, covering the gap between medical scheme and specialists rates.
  •  ZestLife – this cover is for all dependents of the main medical scheme member. For Zestlife, there are no maximum age limits for taking out the cover. Zestlife covers in-hospital treatments, co-payments and over 50 out-of-hospital treatment shortfalls. They also offer various other benefits e.g. cancer lump sum and an accidental death and disability cover.
  • Sirago – with Sirago there is no maximum entry age, no annual limit, it covers some registered medical professionals and covers in-hospital dentistry and optometry. It also covers a dependent child up to the age of 21 plus a family of 5 members.

Trulogic Gap Cover – A Bridge between Medical Treatments and Bankruptcy

Gap cover is different between the various service providers, and that is why it is important to do research. Trulogic can help you with that. Gap cover is a necessary supplement to any medical aid and hospital plan because you never know what your surgeon is going to charge you.

Just do your research, because most gap cover policies will exclude claims for cosmetic surgery or self-inflicted injuries, so you will need to understand waiting periods and what is excluded when taking out a policy for gap cover.

Apart from that gap cover narrows the gap between medical treatments and bankruptcy.

As a Medical aid member, you can apply for one FREE gap cover quote NOW. Just complete and send the form on this page

All info was correct at time of publishing