Top Places to Get Medical Gap Cover in South Africa

February 26, 2022

Don’t get caught in a financial trap by using up all your hard-earned cash on sudden and expected medical and hospital bills. Just go to the top places to get gap cover in South Africa and sign up now.

You may have thought your medical aid scheme would cover these in full, but they don’t. Spare yourself the financial stress and research a little on what gap cover is. Significantly, it’s a very affordable insurance option which is not part of your medical aid but which supplements it.

Top Places to Get Gap Cover

Gap cover is all about covering the gap between what your medical scheme benefits allow and what some doctors, specialists and hospitals often charge you. Gap cover is short-term insurance. Medical fees can be crippling – things that you might suddenly need such as counselling, scans or consumables or even staying for longer periods in hospitals – things that you never anticipated.

Top Places to Get Medical Gap Cover

Fortunately, South Africa has many gap cover providers. Here are the top places to get medical gap cover. Get started today with gap cover from any one of them or the many others that exist.  Here are some of the top gap cover companies:

Top 10 Gap Cover Companies



Zestlife offers you gap cover with various fees (see table of 2024 premiums below).

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024


They offer you in-hospital procedure charges,  any shortfalls on doctor charges and hospital treatment co-payments. If you are diagnosed with cancer, Zestlife will cover a once-off payment. They also pay a lump sum for accidental death. If you want, you can get extra cover for dentist and cancer.


Stratum offers you cover with all their plans offering unlimited gap cover.


Turnberry offers you gap cover to as much as 500% cover for when you have an in-hospital stay. Their Elect-A-Care standard plan will cover you for things like scans, dentistry, scopes, in-hospital fees and also out-of-hospital scans. They also have the Elect-A-Care-Plus with other benefits too.

4.Essential Gap Cover

Essential offers two policy options –

The Elite membership offers cover up to 500% with an annual limit. And the Prestige membership covers up to 600% of the gap, offering unlimited annual gap cover.


Ambledown offers in-hospital services as well as radiotherapy or chemotherapy as an out-patient. Their gap cover is limited to a certgain amount for a family for a year, and the cover is limited to fives times that of the medical scheme rate.

More Top Places to Get Gap Cover

6. Complimed Gap Cover

Complimed is an excellent addition your medical aid cover. They offer cover that is very affordable to many.


Xelus offers their Fusion package for employer groups. They offer cover for many shortfalls, irrespective of which medical aid scheme you belong to.


Sirago offers affordable gap cover. You don’t need any maximum entry age, and there is no annual limit. And they offer benefits such as in-hospital dentistry as well as optometry and other healthcare benefits.


Jenius ranks as an important player in the top ten list of gap cover companies. They will assist you to cover those sudden and unexpectedly high costs between what your medical aid scheme will pay and what the hospital charges turn out to be.


Talksure is another one of the top ten gap cover providers that provides gap cover benefits.


Health is a gift, and you need to do whatever it takes to keep it. So that is why we list the top places to get gap cover. Don’t let the stress of massive and unplanned for medical bills plunge you into despair and severe illness. Get gap cover and breathe a sigh of relief!

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