What New Leading Edge Gap Cover Does Discovery Offer?

December 19, 2021

Here we will have a look at the new leading edge gap cover that Discovery has to offer.

  • Discovery Insure offers a gap-cover policy for members of Discovery-administered schemes
  • Discovery Insure’s gap-cover policy will pay an additional 100% above the rate at which your option plays
  • Also, Discovery offers cover on its options at 100 or 200% of Discovery Health rates
  • There’s an Extender Benefit that provides unlimited cover for specialists’ bills – it pays out at end of year
  • Premiums start at just over R100 a month


When Specialists charge what they want

Leading EdgeMedical aid members have got problems with their medical aids. The problems is that in South Africa, specialists can charge what they want. The amounts they charge are always significantly more than medical aid rates.

Your medical aid will only pay so much, and you, as the medical aid member, become liable to pay for the shortfall.  The only way to avoid this scenario is to insure yourself against these medical expense shortfalls.

Gap Cover from South Africa’s Largest Medical Aid – Leading Edge

Discovery is South Africa’s biggest medical aid scheme, covering some 2.5 million people. The scheme offers a good number of health plans so that members find the one that suits their lifestyle.

There are times, however, when the medical aid won’t pay your medical bill in full.  Now. Discovery brings cost effective solutions that will provide financial protection against these unforeseen medical costs.


  • Discovery’s gap cover is a short-term insurance product, underwritten by Discovery Insure while their Supplementary Gap is underwritten by Discovery Life and is a long-term insurance product.
  • Discovery Gap Cover and their Supplementary Gap Cover are available only to members of medical schemes administered by Discovery Health. It excludes Discovery Health Medical Scheme KeyCare plans.


So Discovery will tell you that these policies are not a substitute for medical scheme membership.

Discovery offers these cost-effective options that will protect members who belong to schemes administered by Discovery Health. This will be against those shortfalls in medical scheme cover which occur with oncology treatment and hospital admissions.

Discovery Gap Cover –

  • is underwritten by Discovery Insure
  • extra funds for cancer treatment
  • covers shortfalls on specialist accounts for hospital admissions
  • shortfalls for treatment before and after hospital admissions
  • Discovery gap cover only is R100 a month
  • Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover’s premium is R330 a month for a non-smoker


Certainty of leading edge gap cover

So medical schemes are leaving their members with shortfalls to cover, and fortunately, scheme administered by Discovery Health can offer their members guaranteed full cover for in-hospital specialists.

This gap cover has also improved members’ certainty of cover and reduced shortfalls, giving them peace of mind that they won’t be having to look at bankruptcy from medical bills they can never hope to pay.


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All info was correct at time of publishing