Gap Cover for Medical Aid Members

December 16, 2021

The cost of belonging to a medical aid in South Africa continues to escalate. Members face the added stress that their schemes simply do not cover their medical care costs. That’s why insurance companies offer gap cover for medical aid members.

Consumers have to dig deeper to ensure the medical wellbeing of their families. They supplement their medical aid benefits with a short-term insurance top-up policy, known as Gap Cover.

Gap Cover for Medical Aid Members

To many people this scenario may seem ridiculous, but it’s an unfortunate fact of life that without Gap Cover you are exposing your family to two disturbing possibilities: downgraded medical attention and/or crippling financial shortfalls between what medical aid schemes are prepared to pay and what the medical profession is allowed to charge for its services.

On the bright side, Gap Cover is generally very affordable and is well worth every cent paid for your future peace of mind. Gap pays the difference between your medical aid’s stipulated tariff rate and the final bill received. Gap Cover also pays for your day-to-day medical needs. Don’t forget that medical profession alsoften charge you up to 500% more than your medical aid scheme will to pay.

Here are Zestlife’s 2024 premiums for instance:

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024


Gap cover for Medical Aid Members – Medical Aid limitations

It doesn’t matter what medical scheme you belong to. It can be Discovery, Momentum, GEMS or Compcare, for example. But there are always limitations on what they will to pay for various medical procedures and treatments. So, it is vital to familiarise yourself with the fine print in your medical aid contract. If necessary, properly supplement your healthcare portfolio with Gap Cover.

Medical aid limitations can exclude dental care, an essential element of our health wellbeing. But, with Gap Cover, dentistry cover can be part of your portfolio. That eliminates the need to finance an additional financial burden. This type of cover is also for other areas of medical care excluded or limited by medical schemes. Remember, however, that improved benefits come at an increased cost. So carefully examine your family needs before making a final decision of which Gap Cover will be the most suitable.

Gap cover for Medical Aid Members – Medical Gap Cover is a popular option

The affordable premiums and various extra health care options offered by Gap Cover makes it a popular choice by those consumers sufficiently savvy to accept that a small additional monthly cost could save them untold amounts of money in the case of crucial medical procedures or unforeseen health emergencies.

As the cost of medical aid continues its upward spiral, many members have opted to downgrade their policies and to supplement any shortfall in benefits with Gap Cover insurance. However, it is important to remember that Gap Cover is merely a different form of short-term insurance and cannot act as a replacement to your medical aid policy.

Gap cover for Medical Aid Members – Get an online Gap Cover quote

If you are a member of a South African medical aid scheme then you qualify for Gap Cover and can obtain a FREE quote on this online page by completing the detail requirements. Good health care is essential. Gap Cover buys you peace of mind. That is because it fills the gap between what your medical aid scheme pays and the bill you get from your medical professionals.

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