Medical Aid Shortfall Insurance from PSG

December 12, 2021

PSG has found a way to fill in the gaps in medical aid cover.

Some people pay thousands of Rands each month to ensure their families can enjoy good health care when they’re sick.

When the medical aid doesn’t rise to the occasion, members have a right to believe that medical aids collude to put some of that money in their own pockets.

Love them or hate them, in South Africa, with the ‘not-likely-to-come-out-alive’ state hospitals, medical aids are a necessary evil.

Get help to make the right Medical Aid decisions

PSG Gap Cover is Specialised Shortfall Cover for Medical Scheme MembersWhen you’re looking for a medical scheme to join, it therefore requires help from a reputable financial adviser. This is because there are different options. You want to be clued up on all the nitty-gritty of medical aids such as –

  • savings plans
  • network plans
  • hospital plans – worth knowing about as you pay lower premiums.
  • limited comprehensive plans
  • fully comprehensive plans
  • traditional plans


Medical aid plans and shortfall insurance are available to you from many different gap cover providers. PSG is one of these. They are an independent financial services group made. They’re made up of 3 divisions – PSG Wealth-, Insure and Asset Management. They have more than 200 offices around South Africa.

They are also contracted with most of the open medical schemes, giving you a wide scope of choices.

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The problem is, medical aids certainly don’t pay in full. So the question that requires an answer is WHO is going to pay for that big portion that is outstanding? The answer is you, as a medical aid member.

There is a solution though – gap cover. Gap cover is an insurance product that supplements a medical aid’s inadequacies. 

PSG – People on your side

When choosing a medical aid and gap cover, with PSG you always have someone on your side. Their gap cover helps you to cover the medical costs that your medical aid won’t  pay out when you make a claim. This is help when you need help the most.

When medical experts charge more than the regular medical aid rates, gap cover will make sure that you are not out-of-pocket.

Medical Aid Shortfall Insurance from PSG –

  • You have to be a medical aid member to take out gap cover.
  • You’re getting gap cover from a reputable, authorised financial services provider.
  • PSG was established in 1998.
  • They have more than 2 decades of experience behind them.
  • Send them your contact details online and they get in touch with you. You can be put in touch with a financial adviser.
  • With gap cover from PSG you can get gap cover for co-payments, sub-limits and deductibles.
  • PSG’s gap cover pays for shortfalls on in-hospital procedures which includes maternity and oncology benefits.
  • Their gap cover policy will protect you because it takes care of the huge shortfall that you will be liable for.
  • Cover up to 500% of the medical aid tariff.
  • All your family members are covered under just one policy.
  • With accidental permanent disability or accidental death a lump sum benefit is paid.
  • Cancer cover.


Don’t let illness be a financial disaster

Medical specialists often charge a considerable amount more than they rightfully should – far more than the amount covered by medical aid schemes. The best medical aid and the best cover can be looked upon as your saving grace.

Both medical aid and gap cover bring tremendous peace of mind. Your GAP cover policy will protect you. It covers  the enormous shortfall that you are liable for so that you won’t end up with bills that you did not budget for!

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All info was correct at time of publishing