Where to Get Gap Cover?

    December 12, 2021

    Discovery doesn’t only offer medical aid, so where to get gap cover? Gap cover by Discovery is also an option for existing clients, excluding those on KeyCare plans. Top-up your medical aid plan with gap cover from Discovery.

    Gap cover will insure that your family has coverage for unexpected medical expenses.

    Options for Discovery gap cover

    Discovery has two main options for where to get Gap Cover. There is straightforward Discovery Gap Cover and there is Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover. You can also decide to take out both options as they cover different things.

    You should use Gap cover in conjunction with your current Discovery medical aid plan. The Discovery Gap Cover option is insurance for the short-term, whereas the Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover is an insurance product with a focus on the long term.

    Discovery Gap Cover

    Where To Get Gap CoverThis gap cover is the traditional gap cover product covering tariff gaps for treatments in-hospital. Certain out-of-hospital bills will also be paid if they are relative to an admission approved by Discovery. Cancer claims may have co-payments which are covered by the gap cover.

    You may also get extra benefits if you are a Discovery Vitality member. Depending on your Vitality status, Discovery will reward you with additional cover for claims in-hospital and as an outpatient.

    The Discovery Gap Cover offers two options – a comprehensive plan and a core plan. The options start at R90 per month per family. The maximum amount which they pay annually is R150 000.

    Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover

    This product focuses on the long-term and lengthy or repetitive treatments. It covers more treatments than traditional gap cover. Some of the features of this product include:

    • A lump-sum is paid out in the case of expensive treatments
    • If you need home support, they pay it monthly
    • Discovery will pay the premium if you are unable to make payments
    • Up to 25% of your premiums will be paid back to you each year


    You can get Discovery Supplementary Gap Cover from R65 per month.

    Combined Gap Cover – Where to get Gap Cover

    Discovery offers current medical aid member the option to get the best of both worlds. You can opt to take out a combination of Discovery Gap Cover, along with the Supplementary Gap Cover from R155 per month.

    The two products complement each other and provide members with comprehensive gap cover. Both the short and long-term have coverage if you choose both products. So the combination will cover medical expenses that are unexpected and protect you when drastic changes occur in your life.

    The following has coverage by these complementary products:

    • Cover for in-hospital claims
    • Cover for claims relating to cancer
    • Extra cover dependent on your Discovery Vitality status
    • Payout of a lump sum for expensive treatments
    • Home support paid monthly
    • Premium payment cover when you are unable to pay
    • Percentage of premiums paid back annually


    Whether you are considering traditional or extended gap cover, Discovery has an option for you!


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    All info was correct at time of publishing