Is Medical Gap Cover for Children Too?

December 15, 2021

Most people have by now heard of medical insurance gap cover, as it is seen as a very handy piece of insurance to be protected under nowadays. Before picking a policy and making any premium payouts for it, you may have some questions. For those with a family, naturally, you would ask, “Is my whole family covered automatically by this policy?” Read further for more on gap cover for children.

Beginning with the latter portion of that question, all members of your family are not necessarily covered by any medical aid gap protection policy, only the ones listed on your health scheme plan will be similarly covered on your gap cover insurance.

To highlight the issue further, let us view an example.

Parties covered – Gap Cover for Children

Medical Gap Cover for ChildrenYou have bought a medical aid policy from Discovery Health. According to this plan’s stipulations, the following family members now have cover:

  • Principle member: You
  • Adult dependent: Your wife
  • Child dependents: your two children


Should you elect to purchase a health aid gap protection policy, the family members mentioned in your medical aid scheme (above) will be covered under it as well. Other family members such as your cousins, uncles, aunts, mother, father, and anyone else will not enjoy cover under this plan.

“But what if I decide I need to encompass an additional member of my family into my health aid plan? Will my premiums go up should I add them onto my gap protection policy? Do I need to alert my gap cover provider on the change?”

Our gap insurance partner Zestlife offers an affordable gap policy no matter the number of people listed under your health aid scheme. Any additional members of your family may be added, free of charge! That is pretty awesome.

Adding a New Family Member to Your Policy – Gap Cover for Children

You can add a new member of your family to your health aid without alerting them, as long as during the claiming process the intended claimant is a verified member of your family (spouse, child or adult dependent) under your medical aid policy. Before claim consideration, Zestlife will confirm this.

To illustrate this, let us make up another example:

On your medical aid policy from Discovery Health, you have listed your two children, your wife and yourself. You have additionally bought a Zestlife healthcare gap cover that covers all the family members listed on your medical aid policy.

These are the monthly Zestlife 2024 premium costs:

Zestlife Gap Cover 2024


For the sake of this example, your mother is not on any medical aid policy whatsoever. You add her onto your Discovery Health medical policy as your adult dependent. Automatically, and without any waiting or grace period, your mother now has cover under your gap cover policy with Zestlife.

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