One Click Medical Gap Insurance from Sanlam

    October 24, 2016

    Many insurers now offer one click medical gap insurance online. In so doing, insurers have provided their customers with lots of convenience and excellent client services. With one click insurance, insurers are also able to reduce costs for those looking for gap cover or other forms of protection. That is because there’s no more phoning around looking for the best deals – everything is done conveniently from your desktop.

    Once you sign up for gap cover, you’re able to manage your policy online with secure login and password protection. You’re never alone and with one click medical gap insurance from Sanlam, you also have access to a customer service team who is there to handle your inquiries. With one click insurance, you can inspect your policy from your computer or mobile device.

    One Click Medical Gap Insurance – There’s a Growing Online Population

    South Africa has a growing online community, and with the proliferation of low-cost smartphones, you can be clicking away and making purchases online. Online insurance plans are enticing many kinds of customers because of their simplicity. No more reams of paperwork – in the space of a minute or two the online form can be filled in and submitted.

    One Click Medical Gap Insurance

    The customer feels comfortable completing the purchase of gap cover online with no help needed from the insurance company. Insurers make online platforms attractive, and on top of that, they offer affordable prices.

    Managing an online insurance plan is similar to a typical plan, but you can track it. Today, several insurance companies are offering online insurance plans of which Sanlam is one. They started in 1918, so you know that you have the backing of a reputable, well-established company behind you.

    One Click Medical Gap Insurance – Affordable Gap Cover Spares You Financial Stress

    Their Standard gap cover starts from R144 per month, and you’ll have protection from those shortfalls that come about when doctors charge far more than the regular medical aid rates. Their Comprehensive gap cover starts at R174 a month. You’ll receive the option to Select a Plan. Once you’ve chosen your plan, there’ll be a few personal questions to answer online which will take a few minutes to complete. You’ll find questions such as:

    • First name
    • Identity number
    • Bank name
    • Debit order date and one or two more


    One Click Medical Gap Insurance – Click on the Blue

    Once you have completed the online form, you’ll see a blue button which prompts you to ‘BUY ONLINE’. You can then fill in the tiny form which lets Sanlam know whether you want them to call you back or whether you’re looking for help and advice with additional information. You then just click on the blue SEND button. One click medical gap insurance from Sanlam has never been so easy.

    You MUST have Gap Cover

    Gap cover isn’t something that some medical aid members should count themselves lucky to have. It has become and absolute necessity. Without it, you may have to sell off your most important assets to pay off a bill you believed your medical aid would pay.

    To get a FREE medical gap cover quote, just complete and send the form on this page


    All info was correct at time of publishing