Sasfin Gap Cover

December 18, 2021

Each person will have to face some kind of medical event at some time during their lifetime. Sasfin gap cover is an insurance product that helps South Africans to get through difficult patches.

A medical scheme is a valuable asset to have for medicinal expenses.

Your scheme, however, will not cover the full costs charged by the specialist or hospital you visited.

This will leave you with the predicament of needing to pay the outstanding balance from your wallet.

Sasfin offers their clients a gap coverage product that will aid them in exactly this kind of predicament.

Gap coverage is a great benefit that will assist you with a variety of medical procedures.

Sasfin Gap Cover

Sasfin Gap Cover Conditions

Sasfin Gap Cover vital conditions comprise:

  • You have to be a patient in the hospital to claim.
  • You have to have medical scheme coverage already.
  • There will be no claim payouts in the case of treatment outside of the hospital.
  • You should be no younger than eighteen when applying for the gap policy plan.
  • If you are a student studying full time you have cover till you are twenty-five asĀ  dependent. You will need to submit the documents that proof this to be true.
  • You should be no older than seventy when applying for the gap policy plan.


Sasfin has a couple of regular exclusions also, which consist of:

  • Your Sasfin gap policy does not cover medical related treatments and operations due to the following:


  • Nuclear related incidents, which includes you either being
    • Present in a nuclear attack,
    • Working with it as part of your job, and
    • The effects that occur during the aftermath of such an event.


  • Hospitalisation due to obesity-related treatment, which involves
    • The managing thereof,
    • Any surgeries, including cosmetic, and
    • The cause of it or the added ailments it creates.


More Details About Sasfin Gap Cover


  • Claims that are not incorporated as insured by the medicinal insurance scheme you already are a part of.
  • Any self-inflicted harm, whether it was a failed suicide attempt or result in your death.
  • Hospitalisation due to the misuse of medication and sedatives or which are not approved by a medical expert.
  • Medical treatment after an incident caused due to you being high on drugs or drunk.
  • A covered treatment within the initial twelve months or assistance received during the twelve months preceding the gap coverage.


  • No cover for pregnancy or birth related visits or hospitalisation within the first year of having the gap policy.
  • In the result of being infertile.
  • Any mental related illnesses, whether short-term or long-term.
  • Claims that are false.
  • Being part of:
    • The police, military, strikes and any other violent form of protest or job requirement.
    • An aviation team.
    • Tests that require speed or any form of racing.


The Price You Pay

The monthly cost per individual is R120.

Submit your form for claiming with the additional duplicates of:

  • Your Doctor statements,
  • Medical scheme reports, and
  • Hospital invoices.


Just complete the form on this page and hit the “Get a Quote” button to get a free gap cover quote

All info was correct at time of publishing