Stratum Hospital Optimiser

December 18, 2021

The many gap plans offered by Stratum provides you with various options.  This grants you the opportunity to select the option that complements your budget and expectations best. Read on to find out more about the Stratum hospital optimiser.

In the event of you already having a medical cover, you may feel that it is the only financial aid you need. This is unfortunately not true, due to the limitations that have been set in place by your scheme. They will be able to support your medical expenses, but not to the full capacity.

Gap Policy

A gap policy is an additional insurance that will be your further aid after the medical schemes’ sum has been subtracted.

Hospital OptimiserFinding yourself or someone from your household hospitalised will be a stressful period. Financial aid is exactly there to provide you with the needed assistance to lift an additional burden from your shoulders.

Hospital Optimiser

The Hospital Optimiser option at Stratum has been created for even further support. It is specifically for Hospitalised treatments. This option will be an additional coverage, on top of that provided by the medical cover scheme and your gap policy.

The main focus of this insurance plan is:

  • To create the added funding, beyond that which has been already provided through a medicinal aid and gap policy.
  • To assist you by offering an amount of two million rands, yearly.
  • This amount is the annual total about the hospital coverage your aid supply on a yearly basis.
  • It can, for example, consist of the following scenario:
    • You receive R500 000 for hospital coverage, from your aid. So this plan will add an amount of R1 500 000, to increase your cover to the limit of two million rand.
    • It will provide you for the necessary hospitalisation period, to receive the best possible recovery support.


You may be wondering what your monthly charges will amount to, to set this hospitalisation optimiser in place:

  • R70 per month – for the coverage of R1 700 000 – when your medical cover provides R300 000 for admission, annually.
  • R60 per month – for the coverage of R1 500 000 – when your medical cover provides R500 000 for admission, annually.
  • R58 per month – for the coverage of R1 200 000 – when your medical cover provides R800 000 for admission, annually.
  • R56 per month – for the coverage of R1 000 000 – when your medical cover provides R1 000 000 for admission, annually.


Some terms and conditions

  • The applicant needs to be seventy years and younger.
  • Every adult member on the policy should not be older than seventy.
  • Children will pay the child member rate till twenty-seven.
  • At twenty-eight, they will begin to pay the rate allocated for adults.
  • Only those who are legal under the policy holder’s medical cover plan, or that of their partner, will receive the benefits and assistance designed for this additional coverage policy.
  • Initial time constraints:
    • Three months – no claims processed;
    • Six months – specified procedures not claimable;
    • Ten months –pregnancy and birth claim not supported.


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