Shortfall Insurance for Medical Aid Members

December 16, 2021

Shortfall insurance for people in South Africa who belong to registered medical schemes is available on this page. Use the convenient short form to get your top-up cover quote fast. First check here to make sure you medical plan or hospital plan comes from a proper medical aid.

Shortfall Insurance Fills Those Co-payment Gaps

It’s horrible to pay extra hospital or specialist bills out of your pocket when your medical scheme won’t pay the whole bill. So avoid it by taking out gap cover.

There are several different short-term insurers offering gap cover: Turnberry, Zestlife, Sanlam Discovery, Stratum, Essential, Talksure and so on. We have partnered with a top gap insurance firm Zestlife to sort out your gap cover quote. Just use the form on this page.

Shortfall Insurance from Zestlife

A couple of things about gap cover before you request a quote:

  • A single policy covers everyone on your medical aid e.g. spouse and children
  • There are limited waiting periods. Enquire about them when we contact you
  • This kind of insurance is inexpensive, amounting to the equivalent of 10% or less of your monthly medical aid premium. Hey, paying that is better than facing medical bills of R100 000 and more.
  • Shortfall insurance products are NOT offered by medical aids, ever. These policies are from short-term cover brokers.


Use the contact box on this page to get your complimentary gap cover quote now!

All info was correct at time of publishing