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December 18, 2021

Most medical aid members are unaware that gap cover exists, let alone that they should sign up for this amazing insurance product. That’s why we are giving a guide to taking on this valuable cover.

What is gap cover?

As a members of a medical scheme in South Africa you probably believe that you have sufficient cover. But you could not be more wrong.

It is likely that if you land up in hospital and need specialist care and an operation, you will face medical co-payments.

What are medical co-payments?

All the medical aids in South Africa work according to a tariff list.

These are the guide prices that the medical scheme uses to estimate how much it will pay for a certain medication, treatment, operation or session with a specialist.

But specialists and hospitals charge a lot more than your medical aid will pay.

The balance of the medical bill is for your account – that is, for you to pay out of your own pocket in cash.

And that is what a co-payment is. From the frying pan into the fire…

Remember that a co-payment can amount to tens of thousands of rand.

How does one sign up for gap cover?

Confirm first that you belong to a registered medical aid in South Africa. (No, having ordinary old health insurance will not do it. Sorry about that! Check here for the full list of medical aids in South Africa.)

Have your medical aid membership number ready and be clear about what exact plan you are on e.g. Discovery Health Coastal Core, Genesis Private, etc. etc.

Complete and submit the short form on this page. For that you need only your contact details. Answer the short questions and hit the “submit” button.

Our expert agent who specialises in medical aid sign ups will contact you.

Fortunately the whole sign up process can be done by phone and email.

How much does a gap cover contract cost?

Your monthly gap cover premium will typically amount to the equivalent of 5% of 10% of your monthly medical aid premium. But this is just a guide. Get your quote to make sure how much it costs.

But definitely it will be infinitely more affordable than upgrading your medical scheme plan.

Sign up for gap cover now. Contact us by using the convenient contact box on this page. Act now!

All info was correct at time of publishing