10 Tips to Help You Get Gap Cover for Medical Aid

December 18, 2021

We decided that not enough South Africans know about gap cover. So we went ahead and selected the Top 10 Tips any medical aid member should know before signing up for this vital product.

But first: you should know that only medical aid members qualify for gap cover.

If you just have a health insurance product with a daily cash payout for certain days you are in hospital, that is not enough to qualify for gap insurance

You (and your dependents) must be members in good standing of a registered medical scheme. Go here to find the full list of schemes that are registered with the Council for Medical Schemes.

10 Tips to Help You Get Gap Cover for Medical Aid

Top 10 Tips for Taking out Medical Gap Cover

  1. Gap cover (also called shortfall insurance, gap insurance, co-payment insurance or top up cover) ensures that medical aid members never have to face massive co-payments. In other words, they won’t have to make payment out of their own pockets for medical expenses.
  2. Members of all and any medical aids can take out gap cover.
  3. No matter what medical aid plan you are on, you qualify for gap insurance
  4. We only represent the very peak companies in this field of insurance
  5. Gap cover is affordable, amounting to the equivalent of a maximum of 5% to 10% of your monthly medical aid premium
  6. No one with medical aid can be turned down for gap cover
  7. Everyone on your medical scheme plan gets summit cover from a single gap cover policy
  8. No medical examinations are necessary for gap coverage
  9. With limited exceptions (such as an existing pregnancy) gap cover insurance takes effect immediately
  10. You can get gap cover online. Complete and submit the form on this page so we can contact you and assist in the sign-up process.


Act now and save yourself from crippling medical bills that your medical aid won’t pay. Complete and then send the form on this page


All info was correct at time of publishing