Gap Cover Insurance Starter Pack from AON

December 18, 2021

AON now offers a comprehensive range of Gap Cover Insurance. The design of this insurance is to provide you with reassurance when you have an unexpected hospital stay. To give you peace of mind as well as your wallet. Also, most medical aids don’t fully cover all the costs associated with hospitalisation and individual treatments. Some doctors charge more than medical aid tariffs. While your medical aid may or may not cover different procedures by your current policy. Depending on your current medical aid and hospital scheme, you could easily find yourself liable for any number of expenses.  Sometimes totalling thousand or even hundreds of thousands of Rands. Continue reading to find out more about AON gap insurance starter pack.

Gap insurance starter pack with AON

Gap Insurance Starter PackFortunately, AON can now provide you with a Gap Cover Policy that will help you to cover the costs that your medical scheme will not pay, including (but not limited to):

  • Tariff Shortfalls: Many medical providers’ fees are higher that what their medical aid will cover. Also, a Gap Cover policy from Aon will cover this shortfall of funds, allowing you to receive the in-hospital treatment you deserve
  • Deductibles and Co-Payments: You have to pay for those costs, and it will show in your medical policy. A Gap Cover policy from Aon will ensure that these costs do not come directly from your pocket
  • Annual Sub-Limits: most medical schemes have an annual limit on particular in-hospital medical items. An Aon Gap Cover policy will assist you to pay for these items once you reach your limit.
  • Oncology Co-Payments: Oncology is often cited by medical aid providers as one of the most expensive forms of medical treatment. Also because of this, there is usually a co-payment or annual sub-limit associated with this kind of treatment, which a policy from Aon will alleviate when necessary

Specific Requirements – Gap insurance starter pack

Depending on your specific requirements, Aon can provide you with a range of optional cover, including:

  • Advanced scans and scopes
  • Dental procedures
  • Prosthetic devices
  • Extended periods in hospital.


Please remember that Gap Cover is not medical aid and you should never consider it to be a replacement for your current medical aid plan. At Aon, we pride ourselves in guiding, educating and assisting our clients in all possible ways. Contact one or our knowledgeable service consultants today and find out how a Gap Cover policy can supplement your medical aid, save you money and give you peace of mind.

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