Stratum Comprehensive Medical Gap Cover

December 12, 2021

You have a medical aid that you think covers 100% of your medical expenses.  Until the bill comes back with excess amounts that need to paid. The reason for this is because medical schemes base their payouts on a proposed pricing system. This system is set on a national level.  This is not a kept list, which means legally you cannot stop medical facilitators from raising their fee.  The amount you have to pay is not because of your medical aid not paying their share.The amount is medical facilitators charging you five times more than pricing systems. And this is the reason why you should invest in Stratum comprehensive medical gap cover.

By having a medical aid and Stratum comprehensive medical gap cover, you will be able to pay the medical bill fully. Stratum has a comprehensive product that will assist you in exactly such situations. Gap coverage, like medical aid, should be something you already have before the hospitalisation need arise. It is an investment you make now, for beneficial support in the future.

The Comprehensive Platform Stratum states:

stratum comprehensive medical gap cover


  • You should be between the ages of eighteen and seventy.
  • Cannot apply after your seventieth birthday.


  • The dependent age of a child of the account holder is 27 years old.
  • In the policy, there is both for the owner of the plan and their partner overall cover.

Important Note:

  • At twenty-eight years old your child is an adult. This means they will pay the amount of an adult at stratum full medical gap cover.

Waiting Periods:

Waiting periods for claims for particular procedures.

  • During the initial ten months of being on the Stratum comprehensive medical gap cover policy you cannot claim for
    • Pregnancy-related hospitalisation.
      • We will not cover giving birth during that time.
    • Surgeries and treatment that relates to a condition that has will be diagnosed before taking out a gap policy plan.
  • The initial three months you will not be able to make any claim.
    • Unless hospitalisation is due to an accident.
  • Cancer diagnosis that preceded the existence of the gap policy will not be funded by the oncological aid.
  • The initial six months there are detailed procedures, like hysterectomies, dental and the repairing of a hernia, which will not be covered.

More benefits from Stratum comprehensive medical gap cover:

  • The gap that occurs due to the high percentage of medical charges not covered by medical aid.
  • The imposed co-payments that you need to pay before your health scheme help with their part.
  • The oncological assistance you may require, for which your medical cover plan does not supply full support.
  • The accidental coverage, if you are in the hospital due to an outside cause, like a violent attack and car accident
  • Counselling treatment when trauma within the mind needs to dealt with.


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All info was correct at time of publishing