Xelus single source gap cover cuts high costs

December 19, 2021

A Xelus gap cover review explains how Xelus found a simple way to cover expensive medical bills. A single solution for gap cover called Fusion.

  • Fusion takes care of the physical and mental wellness of clients through their Employee Assistance Programme
  • Plus Fusion pays an extra 500% of the medical aid rate


A sudden illness or injury can create sky high medical bills that can have you reeling. And if your  bills remain unpaid, you won’t be able to continue with treatment.

The only way to ensure that you are able to meet your medical costs and continue with treatment is to invest in a Xelus gap cover.

A Xelus gap Cover review explains a Single solution to Gap cover

Xelus gap Cover review Your medical aid plan may pay 100 to 300% of the medical aid rate, but what if your doctor charges 500% of the rate? The 200% gap difference means that you have to pay.

Gap cover insures against you paying this outstanding amount that your medical aid plan won’t pay. However, there are exclusions as gap cover won’t pay for certain things such as cosmetic surgery.

There are very good gap cover providers for you to choose from, of which Xelus is one.

Fortunately gap cover costs a lot less than medical aid, and Xelus has come up with their Fusion product that provides a unique set of benefits.

The Xelus gap Cover review of the Benefits –

  • It protects you from shortfalls which you would have to pay
  • Co-payments and deductibles
  • Sub-limits in-hospital procedures have a yearly amount and once this is reached, you won’t have any further benefits
  • Xelus Fusion provides a benefit of R30 000 per event to cover these shortfalls
  • The Casualty/ER Benefit covers costs for emergency treatment at a hospital for up to R12,000 per event
  • With the Family Protector benefit, you get R12,000  on death or disability. If the cause was accidental, the benefit is doubled
  • A family in 2018 will pay R350 a month for Fusion gap and if the member is older then 60 years it will be R600pm


What are Customers Saying about Xelus?

After reading about what Xelus gap cover can offer you, you may well want to sign up with them, but have you done enough research?

Look at South Africa’s top review company HelloPeter, there are a number of unhappy customers voicing their opinion about Xelus. Hello Peter is a public platform allowing customers to report on their service experience from service providers.

Peace of Mind

You may spend a fortune on medical aid each month, but with gap cover, you get what one cannot buy – peace of mind that your medical aid bills won’t be your downfall.


All info was correct at time of publishing