Become a member of a gap cover scheme today

December 19, 2021

It’s time to join a Gap cover scheme because specialist medical costs are higher now than ever.

With increased costs comes a surge in medical fees from unforeseen illnesses or accidents. Support your medical aid policy with shortfall insurance today, for your family’s sake.

Join a Gap cover Scheme to Support your Medical aid Plan

When you decide to get top up insurance, read their customer reviews, look at the customer base and its stability. Generally, all the major gap providers are well-established firms with a good rep. but it won’t hurt to do a little research.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Is there out of hospital procedure insurance?
  • What is the limit of the gap cover?
  • Minimum benefit and entry age?
  • Any waiting periods?
  • Any exclusions?

These, amongst other considerations that concern you and your situation, can lead you to purchase shortfall insurance that can prove vital for your long term health.

Get gap cover quotes and protect yourself from unforeseen medical bills.

Join a Gap cover scheme

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