Review Admed gap cover here and find out why you should consider Admed as a gap cover provider.

  • Admed are a reputable gap cover provider
  • They offer a full range of products for Medical Aid members
  • Only members of a registered South African medical aid firm can buy gap cover
  • Admed also covers some out-of-hospital issues
  • For as little as R196 a month you can get cover
  • Co-payment cover applies to certain procedures

Review Admed gap cover – Your saving Grace

Gap cover has become a lifeline to those drowning in unpaid medical bills. Many people still believe that their medical aid plan will pay all their bills.

They don’t know that many specialists can charge way beyond the standard tariff rates. Whereas a medical aid plan only pays according to the tariff rate. If doctors charge beyond this, you have to pay the outstanding sum, (or gap). The amounts can add up to thousands upon thousands of Rands.

The only solution to this is to invest in gap cover from Admed, a reputable gap cover service provider in South Africa.

Review Admed gap cover

Review Admed gap Cover and Find out Some facts –

  • Some limitations and conditions apply
  • There is a 3 month waiting period for the cover to come into effect
  • People over 65 years of age can’t join
  • A full range of benefits include – co-payments, disability, accidental death and cancer diagnosis

There are two plans – Primary and Supreme gap cover and some Supreme benefits that apply are –

  • A lump sum benefit for those with cancer for the first time
  • Cover for expense shortfalls which include Prescribed Minimum Benefits
  • Prosthesis costs
  • Co-payments and deductibles
  • A one-off Oncology treatment cost when your benefit limit has been exceeded
  • Accidental death and total disability
  • Casualty costs
  • Claims are paid out within 7 – 10 days

Review Admed gap Cover

Medical gap cover is an insurance product that works with your medical aid to cover the shortfall between your doctors rates and the medical aid rate.

Does Admed sound right to you? Have you checked what customers have to say about Admed? Customer reviews can sway a person’s decision to sign up with a service provider.

There’s no point in signing up with Admed if there are too many issues that first need clearing up.

For protection from high costs you want the right price but you also want good customer care. See what Hello Peter has to say. Customers feedback feel that Admed need a bit more in the customer care department.

All info was correct at time of publishing