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December 18, 2021

No need to cancel your medical aid. Get a gap cover quote here instead – and sign up immediately.

Reasons for gap cover

The reasons you need gap cover are:

  • Stay on a cheap medical aid plan
  • Avoid heavy co-payments
  • One gap cover policy applies to all the beneficiaries on your medical aid plan


How it works

Most medical aid members run out of savings before the end of the year.

Members who need specialist care in hospital usually have to pay a hefty co-payment, usually out of their own pockets.

These developments can ruin you financially. You don’t need it.

Why you need a gap cover quote here

But you DO need to get gap cover here.

Getting a cheap gap cover policy to supplement your medical aid COVERS the co-payments.

Remember: specialists and hospitals can – and DO – charge what they like. There are no rules for them.

So if you need an emergency operation you could easily end up with a R150k medical bill.

Get Your Gap Cover Quote Here


Why we recommend Zestlife

Zestlife is by far the largest supplier of reliable gap cover policies in South Africa. Yes, there are many other providers, but Zestlife is a specialist gap insurer.

Also you can do everything – including getting a quote and signing up – right here from this page.

How much does gap cover cost?

Considering how much peace of mind gap cover brings, the policy is really cheap. You can estimate about one tenth of your medical aid premium for medical gap cover.

So if your family pays R3000 per month for medical aid, then your gap policy will cost about R300.

Several choices of gap insurance

In addition to basic cover you can choose to have extra cancer cover. That’s because cancer treatments are super-expensive. You might need hundreds of thousands of cover, which gap cover would pay for.

Enough said.


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All info was correct at time of publishing