Application Form for Gap Cover

December 19, 2021

To get started with applying for medical gap cover, there are a few steps to take. Gap cover isn’t a medical aid but rather an enhancement of medical aid. Therefore you need to know precisely what your medical aid provides you with before you complete the application form for gap cover.

Research the different medical gap cover providers and make sure you understand what you’ll be getting for the premium you pay each month.

Once you have filled in the online form and submitted it, the gap cover provider will be in touch with you to discuss your cover and answer your questions. They will also confirm the details you filled in.

The Application Process with Stratum is as Easy as 1-2-3 – Application Form for Gap Cover

Application Form for Gap CoverThere are millions of people who have medical aid but who know that’s it’s not enough. They’ve heard about how gap cover can help but they’re reluctant to apply for it as they believe it’s just too complicated.  As soon as they see the 101 complicated questions they’re frightened away from buying a policy.

Stratum Gap Cover recognizes that this is a huge problem with medical aid members and they have changed all that by shortening their application form so that it can be filled in quickly and easily. Remember, that as with any medical gap cover provider, completion of all fields is required so that your client application form can be processed.

The beauty about applying for medical gap cover online is that it is such an easy application process. Stratum says that signing up with them is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and it is.

More on Stratum

Let them know on the application form for gap cover whether you’re interested in their Base cover, G-Force-, Co-Evolution-, Elite- or one of the other plans they have. Their Base cover is a mere R180 a month for that elusive peace you’ll have. Stratum says they make every second count, so they don’t get you to fill in a whole lot of information that is of no value to them.

  • fill out Stratum’s application for online – takes less than 10 minutes to complete
  • be ready with the correct documentation about your income and your ID
  • if you want help with filling in your application form for gap cover, an expert from Stratum will call you back once you’ve requested this online
  • Stratum Gap cover benefits are comprehensive. Simply choose which product would best suit your needs. Stratum covers 500% tariff gap. This is known as the Base 500. Stratum gap cover also pays co-payments.


Simplicity with Stratum’s Online Application Form for Gap Cover

Stratum is your leading medical shortfall specialist. They know that their clients want simplicity and peace of mind. And they’ve made provision for both with their online application process.

Never before has it been so stress-free to fill in an application form for medical cover. If you’ve got a computer and Internet facilities, then you never have to leave home and stand in queues.

Simply type in a few details required by Stratum, submit and wait for Stratum to take it from there. You’ll have such relief dealing with a reliable, trustworthy provider of medical gap cover.


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