Gap Cover for People Who Live in Cape Town

December 19, 2021

What is gap cover for people who live in Cape Town?

  • Cover the gap between medical aid tariffs and professional fees
  • Gap cover is an affordable solution
  • It can be obtained for only R150 monthly per family
  • It can also cover the cost of co-payments
  • Gap cover can be bought easily online

Many Capetonians who are members of a medical aid are unaware that they are personally liable to pay the difference for medical treatments that exceed scheme tariff ceilings.

In South Africa today it has become commonplace for members of the medical profession to charge up to 500% more for their services than what medical aid schemes are prepared to pay.

Gap Cover insures them against these possible financially crippling shortfalls.

Why gap cover in Cape Town?

Gap cover is an affordable solution to these often unexpected shortfalls for in-hospital medical treatment.

Who in Cape Town qualifies?

Gap Cover in Cape TownOnly members of registered South African medical schemes qualify for gap cover.

Who in Cape Town benefits?

  • The principal member
  • Spouse or life partner
  • Biological and legally adopted children who must all be registered on the principal’s medical aid

What are the benefits?

  • Gap cover for in-hospital procedures
  • Gastroscopies and Colonoscopies in a doctor or specialist’s rooms are covered up to 300% of medical scheme tariffs and is limited to two scopes per beneficiary annually
  • Claims are paid directly to the policyholder


Gap cover does not insure against the costs of procedures excluded by members’ medical schemes.

What is the cost?

  • Gap cover can be obtained from R150 per family monthly
  • Co-payments are covered for an additional R70 per family monthly, limited to R10 000 per event

What are co-payments?

Co-payments are excess amounts imposed by medical schemes for both in-and-out-of-hospital procedures.

Co-payments include contributions towards the cost of:

  • Hospital admissions
  • MRI, CT and ultrasound scans
  • Scopes and specialised radiology

Buying gap cover online in Cape Town

Consumers can save themselves a lot of time and money by researching gap cover products online.

There are a number of online service providers who ease the burden of in-depth searching by providing applicants with quotes to best serve their individual needs.

This service is free of charge and a quick and efficient way to find a suitable product.

Simply complete the online application form and a consultant will make direct contact to help conclude the deal.


It is important to note the gap cover is not a substitute for medical aid membership, but a supplementary insurance policy to ease the financial burden associated with the cost of medical treatment.

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